Unlock hidden Android features with these secret codes

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Your Android device contains a wealth of information about your hardware and system that an average user might have a hard time accessing. But if you know Android secret codes, you can factory reset your device, find out your hidden camera information, instantly backup your valuable data, and much more.

What are Android system secret codes?

Some “secret” codes are Android system codes and usually start with an asterisk or hashtag / pound symbol. These do not require you to be connected to a network to use them, as they are only for the Android system of your device. These codes are periodically updated as new versions of Android software are released, and some manufacturers have their own additional special codes.

The code entry procedure is very simple and only requires you to open the dialer keyboard and enter the appropriate number sequence. It is important to note that some codes are carrier specific, so they will not work on all devices. So if your phone isn’t responding to a code, don’t stop at it, just go ahead and find another one.

Warning! These codes should be used with caution. They can make your phone lose data or render it unusable. There’s a lot of incomprehensible tech jargon popping up in menus after entering some of these codes, which means if you’re not 100 percent sure what you’re doing, don’t do it.

List of secret codes for Android

These codes are mostly universal and should work on Android devices, regardless of manufacturer. However, there may still be carrier restrictions on certain codes, so not all are guaranteed to work.

Backup codes

Testing codes

Configuration codes

Developer codes

Manufacturer-specific codes



Other codes

Stay away from these codes!

USSD codes

These aren’t the secret ones, but they’re not so well known. USSD, or Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, codes connect to the phone’s network once dialed to perform certain functions, like finding out how much credit you have left on your prepaid phone or how much data you’ve used this month. They change often, and the codes vary from carrier to carrier. Here are a few you can try for some of the major US carriers, along with links to more carrier-specific codes:


Check your data and SMS usage: *3282#


Check your data and SMS usage: #3282


Check your data usage: #932#


Check minutes, messages and other usage stats: *4

There is a good chance that you will never need to use most of these codes, but if you do, now you know where to find them.

Is there a secret code that you find yourself using all the time? Or is there one that we haven’t listed here that is really interesting? Let us know in the comments!

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