Try out the Single Take Feature on the Samsung Galaxy A71 Haze Crush Silver

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Galaxy A71 Silver Haze Crush is the latest variant of the Galaxy A71 which was recently launched by Samsung some time ago, where this variant comes along with a new embedded camera feature, namely Single Take. This feature brings new experiences for photography and videography activities to users.

The development of technology, the camera is not limited to only offering better image quality. Innovation to improve the experience for users is also an aspect that smartphone manufacturers have never forgotten.

Like the Galaxy A71 which now has the Single Take feature. What exactly is the Single Take feature? Check out our brief review below.


Single Take is a camera feature available on Samsung’s mid-range and flagship smartphones. This feature was first launched on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Series smartphone. With the single take feature, users will be able to capture moments with various photo and video capture modes. Now the Single Take feature is also present in their middle class, namely the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71.

For example, reverse mode, fast forward, boomerang and also B / W. This feature makes use of AI technology, to take short photos and videos with certain filter effects.

The effects that are displayed are usually those that are often used by users in photo and video posts on social media. The Boomerang effect for example, this feature is available on Instagram and is quite popular for use by users.

In some interesting moments, we often want to document it through various photos and videos. But unfortunately, we often miss the moment before taking the photos and videos we want. So the single take feature is a solution to these needs.

Single Take will record a moment with a duration of 20 seconds, then it will be processed using AI to sort out the best moment which will be displayed in several modes as we have previously mentioned. Not only using the main sensor, Single Take also takes advantage of shooting using the available ultra wide sensor.

How to use the single take feature on the Galaxy A71

To use the single take feature, of course, the method is very easy. As the name implies, this feature can really be operated with just one shot.

The first step, open the camera application on the smartphone. Here, of course, we use the Galaxy A71 Haze Crush Silver smartphone which already has the Single Take feature.

Slide the camera menu to the right, then enter Single Take mode. Or you can also click directly on Single Take mode on the camera menu.

Find the moment you want to capture. Then press the single take recording button.

The camera will record the moment for 20 seconds. When recording moments, users can take pictures with various poses and angles so that the resulting photos / videos can be more diverse.

When finished, the image will be processed to get selected photos and videos. Enter the gallery to view more details. Moments captured with the single take feature will have a round mark in the lower left corner.

Open the thumbnail, there we can see all the photos and videos made using a single take. Photos and videos that have been successfully created can be shared directly on social media or to other devices.

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