Trump doesn’t care if iPhone sales drop if WeChat is banned

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Apple is one of dozens of companies that have raised concerns about the impact of banning WeChat in the United States. Apple is particularly concerned that the ban will affect iPhone sales in China.

President Donald Trump plans to ban WeChat and TikTok in the US due to national security concerns, and it appears that Trump doesn’t care about Apple’s arguments.

During a press conference at the White House a few days ago, Trump was asked about the impact of the WeChat ban on iPhone sales in China and other countries. Trump only responded to the question with ‘nonchalance’.

“We have to do what is good in terms of the security of our country. China has often disappointed us,” Trump said.

In early August, Trump signed an executive order prohibiting US companies from doing business with parent companies TikTok and WeChat. Microsoft is currently in talks with TikTok to buy its US business, but WeChat is unlikely to have similar talks.

In the middle of this week, Apple and Disney, Ford, Intel and dozens of other US companies discussed with the White House and warned that the impact of this ban would be very severe.

In Apple’s case, WeChat is an important app for iPhone users in China and banning WeChat from the App Store will have a negative impact on iPhone sales in China. Also, the scope of this decision is still unclear, whether it only applies in the US or the world including China.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted that iPhone sales will drop 30%. A survey conducted on Weibo also found that 95% of iPhone users would rather turn to other brands than lose WeChat.

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