Top 10 Passive Speaker Recommendations (Most Recent in 2020)

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If you want to enjoy optimum audio quality, you must complete your sound system with passive speakers. You will find various quality passive speaker brands such as Bose, JBL, harman / kardon, Yamaha etc. They all compete to create passive speakers with amazing sound quality.

Before we begin to consider various passive speaker products on the market, we will explain how to choose and give you the 10 best passive speaker recommendations so that you can find the right product. Enjoy excellent audio quality with your favorite passive speakers!

What is the passive speaker?

Speakers that are not equipped with amplifiers are called passive speakers. Meanwhile, speakers that are equipped with amplifiers are called active speakers. The absence of an amplifier makes passive speakers more compact in size and clear sound quality.
Still, you can still combine passive speakers with additional amplifiers and configure them to produce the sound quality you want. Today, many people have focused on audio on sound quality, even paying attention to the details of the audio device they choose. Well what about you?

How to choose passive speakers

There are important things to pay attention to when choosing passive speakers that suit your taste. Next we will explain one by one.

Compact more resistant to water and dust, more fun for outdoor activities.


Just the size of your palm, this product is very compact and easy to store. Although small, this product has been fitted with passive bass so you can deliver exciting bass sound. With a 2-hour charge duration, this product will accompany you to enjoy your favorite songs for 6 hours.

Not only that, this product is also IP66 certified, so it is not easily damaged by water or dust when used in nature. Along with the silicone case, these passive speakers are also stronger. If you need passive speakers to accompany your outdoor adventure, this product is the choice!


  • Power supply: Built-in 2000mAh 3.6V rechargeable Lithium Ion battery
  • Playing time : up to 6 hours
  • Charging time : 2 hours
  • Operating range 8 -10 meters
  • AUX input for connection of MP3 player etc.
  • Built-in microphone for handsfree call
  • Micro USB charging port
  • Built-in passive bass
  • Output Power : 3W x 2 RMS
  • Full range speaker: 1.5”x2
  • Frequency response: 150Hz-18KHz
  • Included : USB charge cable, audio cable, Carabiner

Great sound with a big body, but still portable.


Made with HIPS (high impact polystyrene sheet), this product is strong and waterproof. This material also makes products of rather large size easier to move. If you like large passive speakers with minimal weight, this is the product of choice.

In addition, a product that has a sound pressure level (SPL) of 110 dB also has an overload protection circuit function so that important components are increasingly protected. This passive speaker is also equipped with a dome tweeter that is capable of producing amazing high-pitched sounds to satisfy your sense of hearing.


Vocal sound quality is rated at a price that makes you happy

NakamichiMy Meiryo Space Speaker Wireless Bluetooth

By prioritizing mid-high range tones, these passive speakers can produce vocal sounds that sound so clear and surprising. The price is also affordable for that level of quality. If you have limited backgrounds, but want passive speakers with amazing vocal sounds, this product is worth considering.

Not only that, the design and shape are quite simple and elegant, more suitable for you to place them in the room. Also, the body is made of aluminum, so it is not rusty, lightweight, and strong enough for you to use regularly. Weighing in at only 583 grams, this product won’t charge even if you invite it to your mobile.

Make your karaoke moments even more fun!


If you are looking for a passive speaker that can make karaoke even more fun, this product with bass reflex box is one of the right solutions. With a wide range of sound frequencies, ranging from 50 Hz to 20 kHz, this product can provide you with full-volume sounds ranging from low bass tones to various high tones that are quite loud.

In addition, this product has been equipped with a cone-type woofer so you can present a round, clear and stomping sounding bass tone. Combined with tweeters that make every high note sound clear, this product is ready to make your karaoke moments even more fun!

It is easier to direct the focus of the sound with the dual axis mount


Made of selected materials, this product can be installed indoors or outdoors. Plus, you can use passive speakers on this to play AV (audiovisual) files, you know that! With 100 watts of electrical power, this product can produce amazing sound and spread it evenly in all directions.

Still, you can change the direction of the speaker and focus the sound to a certain area because this product has a dual axis mount and can be changed at an angle of 90º vertically and 180º horizontally. If you need passive speakers with a very flexible sound focus adjustment system, this product is worth considering.

Tenacity! Sound remains stable even if used for hours.

JBLControl 25AV

If you are looking for a strong and durable passive speaker, this product can be included in your shopping list. You don’t need to worry about rust because the grill parts are made of stainless steel. Then the woofer in this product has also been coated with polypropylene, so it’s ready for you to use for hours.

Not only that, the tweeter is coated with titanium to make it stronger and capable of producing a very smooth sound, even if you have been using it for a long time. Also, a product with a 113dB SPL has SonicGuard’s overload protection feature, of course it’s even safer to use both indoors and outdoors.

Impressive mid-range sound sensation

AudioengineP4 Passive Speakers

The passive speakers included in the shelf speaker category are suitable for you to place them on a table, on a shelf or in other area. In addition, this product is also quite versatile because the interior is easily modified and can also be combined with stereo receivers, as well as hybrid, integrated and tube amps.

So if you want passive speakers with special mid-range sound quality, please feel free to buy this product. This passive speaker can produce mid-range sound with well-balanced bass and treble to make each song sound more harmonious and comfortable to the ear.

Elegant features with a luxurious appearance.

harman kardon Go + Play

This passive wireless speaker is quite compact in size, suitable for you to place it on the table. Also, this product has a stainless steel handle and a finishing fabric to make it look so stylish. If you are looking for a passive speaker with a design that looks luxurious and elegant, this product is one of the best options.

Not only that, this passive speaker is also equipped with 2 tweeters and 2 woofers so that it can bring you quality sound and balance, suitable for jazz or orchestral music. Plus, the noise and echo cancellation feature keeps your voice clear even when used for conference calls.

Specially designed to minimize resonance.

Audioengine HDP6 Passive Speakers

If you don’t want to be bothered by resonance when listening to your favorite songs, this passive speaker is a must. With the tweeter that is always cooled with ferrofluid, this product can work optimally and will emit a very soft sound even at high notes or when the volume is turned up.

Then, the woofer of this passive speaker uses aramid fiber and is surrounded by rubber, so it will not cause resonance. Not only that, you can also install or remove the exterior frame as you like, just adjust it to your mood that day or to the interior of your room!

Amazing sound without eating many places.

BoseFreeSpace 3 Surface-Mount Satellites

When you buy this product, you will get 1 unit of Acoustimass Bass Module plus 4 Mounting Satellites that are the size of a coffee cup. All these elements can be easily installed on a wall or corner of the room so that you do not need special space and the sound is distributed evenly.

Despite its small size, this 99 dB SPL product can amaze you with its combination of bass and tone that is very clear, dense and full of energy, even in large spaces. If you are looking for passive speakers with good quality audio that saves space, this product is the best choice.

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