The best Xbox One X cheap prices, bundles and deals in August 2020

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You’ll have a hard time finding featured Xbox One X deals this week, with stocks still low in both the US and UK. There are some bundles and deals available for consoles only though, so so you don’t have to surf the web, we’re putting together the latest findings here.

Until more stocks come in, we also list all the first few retailers to check out so you can always find the first Xbox One X bundles available. With the X Series on the way, many expect the current generation to outperform them with some premium games until the price of the new console drops for the first time. That means the demand is as high as ever, so if you see a deal that you like, we won’t stick around too long.

Gamers looking for the most powerful console ever made to date have been itching for Xbox One X deals since its launch, but there was a high cost to pay in the early days. You’ll find all of the latest Xbox One X bundles available here, with information on current stock levels and news on the latest bundles for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the Gears of War collection, and Forza Horizon 4 that are all waiting for a restock.

If you’re looking for something a bit cheaper, you can head over to the latest Xbox One S bundle deals.

Xbox One X offers from the US are still in short supply. However, we’ve still found you a cash-saving package in the form of the NBA 2K19 deal below. A cheaper game is included here, but with the consoles alone at $ 499, it’s worth it if you’re looking for a new Xbox.

If this bundle doesn’t suit you, we probably recommend that you put off your purchase until the normal $ 399 bundle deals are available again from Microsoft, Amazon, and other large retailers. Below we’ve put together a list of the best retailers to keep an eye out for when stocks return to normal.
Xbox One X deals are selling out in the UK as well, though we’ve found a console available now, as well as a pretty pricey Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition bundle if you’re getting particularly desperate. If not, check out the quick links below for the latest stock updates.

What is the price of Xbox One X?

The Xbox One X MSRP is $ 499 in the US and the UK MSRP is currently £ 449. So sure, it looks like UK gamers are paying a lot more as direct currency conversion would have it at £ 390. On the bright side, retailers are starting to cut prices and we’re seeing games included too. So you should never pay those costs just for the console today.

Why should you buy an Xbox One X?

To be clear, this is not what you would call a ‘next generation’ console. Instead, it’s a more powerful version than the current Xbox One lineup. To keep things simple, it’s similar to Sony’s PS4 Pro. Both consoles are intended for gamers with a 4K HDR television who want the best possible graphics performance on their favorite console. There will also be modest performance increases on non-4K TVs, but you’re missing the point without a 4K HDR TV.

The Xbox One X will play all Xbox One games and there are no games released exclusively for Xbox One X, so there is certainly no reason to throw away your old Xbox One.

However, the Xbox One X is the most powerful console ever made, and it even overshadows some of the PS4 Pro’s specs. But given the huge asking price, I’d be really looking forward to it. However, the Xbox One X is making bold claims about true 4K native gaming and if you have a 4K TV with High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology, the Xbox One X is ready to seriously impress with Forza Motorsport 7, Metro: Exodus. and Anthem acting like true amateurs in the graphics department.

Where can I buy an Xbox One X?

Most of the usual big-name retailers are stocking Xbox One X. The prices are also much better than at launch now.

Keep an eye out for the Xbox One X bundles highlighted above and our comparison table, which we’ll keep up to date with the latest Xbox One X prices on its own. So feel free to bookmark us and re-register soon to see if we’ve found the right deal for you.
What if I don’t care about 4K or want to save money?

The standard Xbox One S is a fantastic gaming console and you can easily get one with some games for around $ 220 / £ 200 or less. There are cheap deals throughout the year on our Xbox One deals and on the PS4 price, deals and bundles pages.
Just kidding. I want 4K HDR on my face right now.

4K TVs with HDR aren’t as expensive as it sounds. Prices have come down much faster than the original HD TVs, so you can get a decent model for a low price. Heck, we’ve seen some good ones for less than the price of the Xbox One X itself (what a ridiculous world we live in). For the best of the best, take a look at our best TV article. We also rounded up the best cheap 4K TV deals in the UK, and also a collection of US TV deals.
How big is the hard drive on the Xbox One X?

For now, the only option available is the 1TB option, that is 1000GB of storage. There are no official plans for larger versions.

With some 4K-compatible update patches for games over 100GB, we certainly wouldn’t expect a cheaper 500GB Xbox One X as that would be a bit pointless to be honest.

We think gamers will fill the 1TB Xbox One very soon. Fortunately, the Xbox One X supports external hard drives that use USB 3.0. So if you need some extra storage, check out our list of the best external hard drives.

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