The Best Keyboards for Gaming, Not Disturbing Your Coworkers and Comfort !

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Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

Corsair is one of the producers who want to demonstrate that their gaming devices cannot be underestimated. Although people are generally more familiar with other brands like Razer or SteelSeries, Corsair also has many capable gaming devices, one of which is the K95 RGBPlatinum keyboard.

If you always monitor us, many Corsair products have been tried and the results are never disappointing. Among the many high-end keyboards made by gaming device vendors, is the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum worthy of being the player’s first choice?

Corsair K95 RGBPlatinum, this is a keyboard capable of emitting a rather real gaming aura. The proof is the body wrapped in solid black, with gray edges on the macro button. Corsair K95 RGBPlatinum is large enough because the palm rest is not separated. Exceptionally, this palm rest uses a special rubber coating with magnets on the sides, making installation very easy. You can also see the foot of this gaming keyboard that carries the horizontal concept.

Wanting to be secure as a capable gaming keyboard, the Corsair K95 RGBPlatinum has a thicker cable, with two USB connectors. The function of the second connector is to channel the additional power input to the USB port, and this keyboard also carries the RGB trend.

Exceptionally, this RGB lighting is not limited to all buttons, including macro buttons, but also on the top edge which makes this keyboard more interesting to see. The concept of installing a button that is not enclosed also makes the lighting brighter.

When looking at the buttons, Corsair K95 RGBPlatinum uses a standard button layout, with various additions in the form of six macro buttons on the left side and four multimedia buttons on the right side. In addition, there is also a sound control through a small bar and a special button to turn off the audio. You can also see three other buttons that are useful for activating profiles, adjusting light intensity, and accessing the Windows Store. Function settings for all buttons can be arranged through the Corsair Utility Engine, and I make sure this software provides complete and accurate customization options.

Configuration through this software is also not difficult. An example is when determining the RGB pattern used. You can save multiple lighting profiles, and the only thing is that the lighting type can be active more than one in one profile. The implementation can also be seen first hand. The use of the color type can be specifically specified during the color diagram.

You are free to determine if the colors are used more than one or not. In addition to the RGB motif, this software provides access to macro function settings for playing games using a single profile. The function of this macro can be a series of special commands, or just focus on a button that moves position. Not finished, there are options that can also block some functions when playing games.

When we talk about game performance. Corsair K95 RGBPlatinum fixed the Cherry MX RGB Speed component, which despite its name that only favors LED light, this button can still provide quite a neat response. This can be seen by the compression force that tends to resemble a brown or black switch with a shorter range. Gamers certainly need not doubt the quality of the Cherry MX components, which have so far been integrated into almost every gaming keyboard variant.

For fast tempo use, Corsair K95 RGBPlatinum can provide the right comfort, and the design of the installed buttons won’t force you to waste time adjusting from scratch. Corsair K95 Platinum can certainly support all kinds of game user scenarios.

Logitech MX Keys

One of the main points that sets this keyboard apart from other wireless keyboards is its ability to quickly exchange devices, as this keyboard is equipped with a unifying receiver and Bluetooth. So you can quickly exchange connections from one device to another. Example: from a laptop to a mobile or iPad with just 1 button.

There aren’t many wireless keyboards that have lighting, battery and other reasons, but this MX keypad has adjustable lighting and certainly has a proximity sensor that works like magic. The keyboard illumination light will turn off when your hands are away and will light up before pressing any key.

The MX Keys keyboard is made very sturdy, the iron frame makes this keyboard quite heavy and certainly tough. You will be surprised when lifting this keyboard, although slim but the weight does not differ much from the usual mechanical keyboard.

Comfortable is relative, but the MX Keys keyboard is precision made, as a result typing on this keyboard is comfortable and not noisy. Suitable for studies, offices, even in the bedroom. Although compared to the mechanical keyboard, the key travel is different, because this is a low profile keyboard, but it is very comfortable to use according to my hands. The speed on the typewriter slows down slightly, but I think it’s due to the transition from the mechanical keyboard to the low profile. I think that after using it for more than a few months, my writing speed will return to normal.

This one, only added value … because more and more mobile phones that use the USB type C interface, it is strange that there are no devices that use USB Micro, it will definitely decrease the cable by 1 if you already use USB type C

Lenovo Mulai Pasarkan ThinkPad TrackPoint Keyboard II

Lenovo ThinkPad T Series is one of the business class notebook variants that has a distinctive design on its keyboard. This variant of laptop is possibly famous for its keyboard layout which is also equipped with a red TrackPoint that has the same function as a mouse.

For laptop users, especially those who are familiar with Lenovo’s ThinkPad T series keyboard layout, Lenovo has officially released a keyboard that has a laptop-like layout. Called ThinkPad TrackPoint Keyboard II, the keyboard is of course equipped with a TrackPoint and left and right click buttons that are the hallmark of the Lenovo ThinkPad T Series laptop.

For connections, this keyboard has 3 connection modes to choose from, including Bluetooth (to connect the keyboard to a PC, tablet or smartphone, a dongle is also available and you can also use a USB Type-C to USB Type-A cable included in the sales package When you use a wired connection, it will automatically charge the keyboard battery.

The ThinkPad TrackPoint Keyboard II, which has dimensions of 305.5 x 164 x 13.7mm, also uses the typical tut keyboard layout of the ThinkPad T Series laptop, the Chicklet Keys. Almost all ThinkPad T series users reportedly really like the design of this tut keyboard because it is comfortable to type on.

This Lenovo keyboard was originally introduced in January 2020, but Lenovo officially began marketing it. As for the price, Lenovo is selling this ThinkPad TrackPoint Keyboard II with prices starting at $ 85.99. For those of you who like the keyboard layout of the ThinkPad T Series, it seems that this Lenovo keyboard is right for you.

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