Sony WH-1000XM4 Comprehensive Review, Prices and User Experiences

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When the Sony WH-1000XM4 was released last week, this received mixed reactions from employees. People looking for a new headset are excited, while those who recently bought another pair of headphones are disappointed. The predecessor to this product is generally considered the best ear hook headset you can get at a price, so the bigger question is what the new product brings.

Let me say it briefly. If you own the WH-1000XM3, congratulations. You bought a really good pair of headphones – no wonder it helped Bose get rid of the problem of being a frequent default buyer for a long time. No, if it’s still there, there’s no need to rush to update.

The original headphones were fully formed when they entered the world, and two years later, this update is more like an improvement on a great product. But these enhancements maintain Sony’s position as the champion of noise reduction, Bluetooth headphones. 1000XM4 is hard to beat.

The new headset looks more or less exactly the same as the old headset. They’re not the flashiest pair of in-ear headphones for the money (this award is likely to go to Sennheiser or Bang & Olufsen). I appreciate the relatively simple Bose Quiet Comfort model. To be honest, when it comes to long-haul flights, the less flashy the better.

The headset is surprisingly light; A few years ago, I had the first opportunity to test the M3 in a meeting room with a Sony executive. The new unit has more padding and is very comfortable. I’m talking about people who are sad for whatever reason and wear on-ear headphones. At the time of writing this article, he had been wearing headphones for four days.

Of course, the marathon has been rested. The nature of the appearance means that they are not really ideal options, like walking or falling asleep. The former is especially true here in New York at the end of the year, where temperatures typically reach their highest levels in the 1990s. However, if you want to eliminate the noise, you can eliminate all the family problems. And, when we all start flying again, they’ll be great too (thanks in large part to the inclusion of a 3.5mm headphone jack for backrest entertainment).

Another element that allows almost uninterrupted use is the ability to pair the system with two devices at the same time. Frankly speaking, this is one of the main weaknesses of many headphones I’ve used recently, and it requires users to enter device settings and manually select the headphones. Using the iOS app, I paired the M4 to the top of the phone and the desktop, and I can seamlessly switch between various sources. How liberated you will be, it will surprise you. Just make sure your sound level is comparable across devices, otherwise it will be too numerous to list.

Like the M3, the sound quality is also excellent, providing full audio images regardless of genre. In fact, the sound is comparable to the previous model, and it’s not bad. Nura’s truly outstanding sound shaping technology is still top of the line for me, but these new Sony’s provide excellent audio for a pair of everyday headphones.

However, the real core is Sony’s excellent noise reduction feature. This feature is M3’s real secret weapon against Bose dominance. The new model detects approximately 700 ambient sounds per second through the system-on-chip and actively adjusts to counteract this situation, thus increasing its advantage. The system also has the function of adding a noise cancellation optimizer. On the surface, this feature is similar to noise optimization in other systems. Hold down the button and it will send an audio signal to your ears and emit sounds similar to seal quality and atmospheric pressure (mostly used on airplanes) to provide a more personalized outline. It brings some really good noise reduction effects and an overall great audio experience.

There are many other cool features throughout the process, which may not be helpful in your particular situation. For example, I found the “Talk to Chat” feature immediately disabled, which pauses playback while talking. In theory, this is a nice feature, but I live alone, so the only triggering condition is that I cough, laugh, or unconsciously find myself singing music. However, for my own needs, a more useful feature is that when you cover the right ear cup with your hand, the ambient sound will be output. The ambient sound sent to the headphones through the microphone still sounds a bit unnatural, but it can actually solve the problem.

I also found myself disabling location tracking because, frankly, my device already knows where I am. Also, adapting to the increase in noise according to the family location is a good option, but it really is not worth it for me, especially these days, I leave the apartment much less time than I allow. Also, I really don’t like seeing the location tracking icon in the corner of iOS 11.

The Google Assistant and Alexa are built in too, but again, there aren’t a lot of features that I tend to use in a pair of headphones. I mean, I also turned them off to save battery life, but the life expectancy is 30 hours and I’m pretty good at this. At the same time, charging via USB-C will give you an impressive 5 hours of playback in about 10 minutes.

Their price is $ 350, which is the same as the previous price, which means that they are not cheap. However, it is difficult for you to find a best pair of wireless headphones in its class.

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