Sony Announces Television Line “Ready for Playstation 5” – 4K 120fps Ready!

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The latest generation of consoles is already in sight. As a Japanese company that has so many lines of electronic products, Sony through its branch of the company, Sony Interactive Entertainment is preparing with a flagship console, Playstation 5, which so far includes presentation software and hardware design that deserves the approval. With the performance and a variety of new features that he extends, players who want an optimal gaming experience, especially from the visual side, of course, have the opportunity to mix and match with other technologies, especially television. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Sony introduced a new line of Bravia televisions that now includes the slogan “Ready for Playstation 5”.

The two television ranges come from the Bravia XH90 and Bravia ZH8 lines. The two televisions that will come with features like Game Mode for lower game latency than visual features like HDR will offer 4K resolution at 120Hz. This means that both televisions will be ready to handle Playstation 5 games at 120 fps if the option is provided by the developer. For the Bravia ZH8 line, it also supports output resolutions up to 8K. But you have to sacrifice 120Hz refresh rate if you use this 8K output.

The Bravia XH90 product line available in various screen sizes will range from € 1,549 to € 3,949 in the European market and has been available since May 2020 yesterday. As for the Bravia ZH8 version, it is offered at a price of around USD 8,999.99 at least through information from the retail site: Best Buy.

How about you? How many of you are considering buying a new TV to welcome the next generation console later?

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