Samsung TVs could adopt OLED as new panel technology reaches prototype stage

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The next big thing in TV tech may be on the way, as prototypes of Samsung Display’s QD-OLED hybrid TV panel technology appear to be available (via OLED-info).

Omdia market analysts report that QD-OLED TVs are currently in the prototype stage and are being shown to potential buyers in the TV space, including Sony, Panasonic, and Samsung Electronics.

With mass production apparently planned for the end of 2021, we could see commercial models of these TV brands announced before the end of that year, if not early 2022. The Omdia report speculates that 55 inches, 65 inches, 78 inches and 82 Inch models are too.

Speculation surrounding these QD-OLED hybrids increased in late 2019, after Samsung Display invested a surprising amount of money in R&D for the technology, with plans to turn a current LCD factory into a QD production line. -OLED.

It could be an interesting split for newer Samsung TVs, especially given that Samsung Electronics is heavily pursuing QLED 8K panels (like the Q950TS), as well as Mini-LEDs, in their truly premium sets.

Sony and Panasonic are also big supporters of the OLED technology developed in LG Display, using it almost exclusively for their high-end TV ranges. We could always see Samsung Display develop the technology, but end up selling its products to brands other than Samsung, depending on how impressive it ended up being.

Wait, QD-what?

The appeal of QD-OLED, which aims to be a kind of quantum dot shortcut to OLED’s visual advantages, with much lower production costs, is in offering TV brands a cheaper alternative to OLED panels, as well as offering customers a cheaper entry point than the equivalent. performance. The main complaint around OLED is also low brightness, which we hope will be less of an issue here, if the technology is successful.

However, much of this is speculative and, as with any technology in development, it is not known what technical hurdles or hurdles could get in the way, or if everything will go the way of mass production in 2021.

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