(Rumor) Apple’s Virtual Fitness Subscription Service Coming Soon

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Apple is rumored to be releasing their subscription service bundle under the name Apple One.

In addition to presenting the Apple One in the near future, reportedly Apple will release a new subscription service.

Namely a subscription service for Virtual Fitness & Workout .

Quoted from Bloomberg , this service will be included in the Apple One section along with a number of other subscription services from Apple that you are sure to know.

Starting from iCloud, Apple TV +, Apple News +, Apple Music and Apple Arcade.

Previously, the MacRumors page had found a program code from iOS 14 which explained that Apple would release an application for the Fitness category.

This was confirmed by Bloomberg through new news that said Apple would release a Virtual Fitness & Workout subscription service .

The possible names Apple would use for the app would be Fit or Fitness .

There are various sports activities that can be recorded as well as exercise guides that you can enjoy on this service.

In comparison, previously subscription services for Virtual Fitness & Workout were available on the App Store from third party developers. Examples from Nike and Peloton.

What do you think about the rumors that Apple will release a Virtual Fitness & Workout subscription service ? Share in the comments below!

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