Reviews, Prices and Specifications of Lenovo Flex 5 15 Inch laptops

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The first thing that is quite prominent from the Lenovo Flex 5 15 laptop is the use of RAM which can be said to be very large capacity. With a capacity of 16GB RAM runway, the sensation of using a high-class laptop will be greatly enjoyed by its users. This 16GB RAM used is DDR 4 RAM. With super-large RAM capacity, this makes the laptop very suitable for various multitasking activities. In other words you can use various software simultaneously on a laptop. Even the heavy use of software will not directly meet the laptop runway capacity.

So you can use a variety of heavy software for your benefit on the Lenovo Flex 5 15 laptop. This high RAM capability makes the laptop suitable for heavy software users for both work and entertainment. For the use of standards that are only for office and learning purposes, this laptop is considered sufficient and very fulfilling the needs. Thus this laptop is suitable for gaming, heavyweight editing, and various other heavy multitasking activities.

Super Fast Processor

The Lenovo Flex 5 15 laptop uses a processor which can be said to be a very high-capacity processor with a high level of luxury too. The processor used is a 7500U type core i7 processor which has speeds reaching 2.7 GHz. Its speed is enough to show the ability to process every command very quickly. Therefore the processor used is often referred to as a super responsive processor. With this high response, of course, users become very spoiled and given very high facilities.

For information also that the processor that is owned can still be increased in speed or upgraded to 3.5 GHz. If for standard use, the 2.7 GHz speed can already be categorized very fast. So can Friends of Arena Laptop imagine if the speed is upgraded to 3.5 GHz. Of course the laptop will be more responsive and become very super fast in carrying out commands.

Two Types of Large Capacity Storage

This Lenovo Flex 5 15 laptop has storage with two basic types of storage, namely HDD and SSD. Where the HDD storage has a storage capacity that can be categorized as large at 1 TB (1000 GB). This large HDD storage is more refined and supported by SSD storage with a capacity of 512 GB. With the combination of these two types of storage, users can store more data and are free.

Also, be aware of the 512 GB SSD storage that is owned by this laptop can speed up the laptop process. Because in addition to functioning as the main data storage, it can also function as a storage system data storage. Thus through this type of SSD storage you can get these 2 main functions simultaneously. Based on this, one of the main advantages of this laptop is also its storage.

Large Screen with Very Large Resolution

The screen size of 15 inches is the screen used on this Lenovo Flex 5 15 laptop. Indeed, from the name alone which includes the number 15 indicates that the screen has a size of 15 inches. This large screen, supported by a very large screen resolution that is equal to 3840 x 2160 pixels. The application of screen resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels on a screen of 15 inches makes the resulting display very suitable and balanced.

You also need to know that, the screen used on a Lenovo Flex 5 15 laptop is a 4K UHD Antiglare Multitouch Display type screen. Which is a type of touch screen with ultra HD 4-dimensional capability that can take more than one touch command. Thus you can directly give commands only by touch on the laptop screen. The screen which is owned by this laptop is also very suitable for entertainment media such as playing high quality movies and 4-dimensional films.

Connecting Input and Output and Connectivity

In this section the Lenovo Flex 5 15 laptop is equipped with a fairly complete link. This is started from the presence of 2 units of USB3.0 port, 2 units of USB 2.0 port, 1 unit of HDMI port, one unit of Audio combo jack port and 4 in 1 card reader or card reader on the screen. In addition, of course there is also a unit of port adapter cars. Connecting input and output that is quite complete, provides convenience and more ability to users in carrying out various activities.

This laptop has a pretty good connectivity. Ie has Bluetooth version 4.0 and Wifi type 802.11a / b / g / n / ac. The use of wifi and bluetooth which is quite updated on this laptop, makes you able to do bluetooth and wifi connectivity well.

Graphic Ability

Lenovo Flex 5 15 laptops already use two types of graphics cards that make you enjoy high graphics capabilities and luxury. The two graphics cards are Intel HD Graphics and Nvidia Geforce GT940MX which have 2 GB of memory capacity. The use of these two types of graphics cards, really give the impression of luxury and very spoil the user’s visualization. With the use of these two types of graphics cards, you can run various processes that require high graphics. For example, such as heavy games that require high graphics capabilities, movies or videos with super high quality 4 dimensions and various other uses.

Fashionable Design

From the screen we can see this laptop is designed by combining the main screen with the area around the screen. So it is seen that the screen is a unified and inseparable whole. This makes it very suitable for use on a single screen because it gives the impression of a higher style. Furthermore, this laptop on the keyboard deck, the colors used are quite uniform. So that on the use of focusing visualization on the screen, the keyboard will not interfere with focusing. This laptop can also be used in several different modes. Namely, it can be used in normal laptop mode, screen usage domination mode, or tent mode. Thus when you use this laptop in a variety of modes you will look more fashionable.


This Lenovo Flex 5 15 laptop is offered in the Indonesian market at a premium price that feels right or in accordance with the quality it has. On the online shopping site lazada the price offered by laptops is offered at Rp15,750,000. You can point to the link by clicking the latest check price.


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