Review Realme Watch: Smart Personal Assistant Nowadays

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The smart watch is positioned as a personal assistant for young people who offers full features to remind users of a healthy lifestyle.

How can this smart watch be able to carry out the mission that has been set by reality, we just look at the review:
Review Realme Smartwatch

Before making Realme Smartwatch as a personal health assistant, you of course have to activate this device.

Don’t forget, before activating this smart watch, you have to download the Realme Link application on the smartphone. Register a realme account and enter your basic information.

To turn on the Realme Smartwatch you have to press the button in samoping for a few seconds. Make sure the power is fully charged so that the watch can work optimally.

To connect the Realme Smartwatch with the smartphone, make sure the Bluetooth in the phone is active, open the realme Link application and scan the device QRcode displayed on the watch realm.

Or open the Link realm application, select Watch realm to scan the nearest device via QRcode on the watch through the app, select and connect to the desired Watch realm. Click confirm to pair the Watch realm.

The watch is ready to use.

The design

Continue to the design of the smart watch. This reality watch has a square shape. This review that I reviewed has a black color with a strap that is also the same color made from rubber.

This device has one button next to it and functions as a power button and back button.

Realme Watch comes with a large 1.4-inch (3.5cm) color touch screen with 320 * 320 pixel (323 PPI) resolution that displays clear and real visuals.

The screen has a responsive touch making it easier to control the watch.

The screen of this device has a brightness of 380 nits and the screen brightness adjustment is up to 10 levels. So the display on the watch can look good even in the blazing light.

Realme also complements the screen with Gorilla Corning Glass 2.5D which makes the screen not easily scratched combined with a rounded frame, to provide a smoother and more comfortable touch.

The interface

This Realme Smartwatch has a home screen display with a watch face which is quite stylish in my opinion.

The standard watch face display on the watch realm can display six main data – time, date, weather, steps, heart rate, and calories – which is what the user wants most.

The data for heart rate, heart rate and calories appear like colorful bar charts.

If the screen is swiped up, the watch will display the available menu. whereas if swiped down will display a message.

To display short setting shortcuts simply swipe the screen to the right. Swipe to the left will display weather information and daily user activity data.

Sport mode

This reality watch supports up to 14 types of sports monitoring, including running outdoors, walking, running indoors, outdoor cycling, aerobics, strength training, soccer, basketball, table tennis, badminton, indoor cycling, static bicycles yoga and cricket.

During testing, I only used this smart watch for outdoor walks and indoor cycles.

This watch can also automatically identify whether we are walking or running, and an accurate step calculation algorithm makes each step countable.

What makes this cool hour to be invited to exercise is being able to automatically set the music player on the cell phone remotely. So no need to bother reaching for a cellphone when you are just playing music.

With a weight of only around 31 grams, this smart watch is quite comfortable to use when exercising. The dimensions are also suitable for my wrist which is not too big.

Health Assistant

As I mentioned above, this watch can be positioned as a personal assistant to the user’s health.

This is possible because the real watch has a real-time heart rate tracking feature. Realme Watch detects heartbeat once every 5 minutes 24/7.

In addition, the Watch reality can also detect oxygen levels in the blood. Oxygen levels in the blood are one of the most important indicators for physical health.


This realme watch is supported by a 160mAh battery made from lithium poolymer that can last for 7 days of standard use.

Whereas as long as I use it to exercise once every two days and it is used every day for daily activities, the battery can last for 5 days.

This smart watch is also equipped with an IP68 feature that allows this watch to be invited to play water.

This smartwatch informs that each watch has been tested for its reliability such as the 100,000 times button test, 7kg voltage endurance test, 3,000 times the bend test, and the 3,000 times clamp test.

Other features

Realme Watch can receive almost all application notifications and display the appropriate icons.

This watch can be easily paired with a smartphone realm and supports display of calls, SMS and messages from third-party applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and others.

With a large screen, the watch can display more information that is easy to read.

This smart watch can also make call rejection (rejection). When connected to a smartphone and you get a phone call, the phone number will appear on the Watch realm screen with the rejection button. Users can reject calls with one click.

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