Photo Renders & Latest Specifications for Google Pixel 5, Use Snapdragon 765G

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After months of delay, Google has inaugurated their low-cost Pixel series, the Google Pixel 4a, with a much more modern design than before. Especially in terms of screen, using a punch-hole design where its sister series, Google Pixel 4 has not adopted this design. Given the Pixel 4 has many sensors for face unlock.

When inaugurating the Pixel 4a, Google also officially announced that it would soon release two other series, namely the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a, the 5G edition. Throughout this year, rumors have sprung up that the Pixel 5 will not have the right aligned specs like previous generations. Now the smartphone designs are starting to appear, followed by leaked specifications.

The latest rendered photo has been uploaded by OnLeaks, a fairly well-known photo leaker with a pretty good track record for previous smartphones. From the photos he uploaded, it seems that there is no significant difference when compared to the Google Pixel 4a, except on a few sides.

Reportedly, the dimensions are the same as the Pixel 4a. The Google Pixel 5 will have dimensions of 144.7 x 70.4 x 8.1mm, with a thickness of 8.5 at the rear camera protrusion. Near the rear camera, you can see a fingerprint sensor – yes, Google is no longer using the Soli radar for face unlocking, but is returning to a much simpler method. It doesn’t even use the in-display fingerprint sensor.

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