Opposing Zoom, Facebook messaging rooms can broadcast live

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Facebook announced a new feature that allows users to stream live video calls with up to 50 participants.

This feature allows users to stream video calls made with Rooms Messenger and combine them with Facebook Live’s live streaming feature. This allows more viewers to listen to and watch group video calls in real time.

The ability to stream live calls from Room Messenger is the biggest update to video calling products since Facebook launched in April.

When launched, the market share of competing Video Zoom calling products fell 5%. The ability to stream Rooms Messenger calls live can be another zoom threat that allows paid users to make video calls directly to services like Facebook, Google YouTube, and Amazon Twitch.

Users who make Messenger Rooms can transmit calls from their profile, Facebook page or Facebook groups. Users can also control who can join the call and who can watch the broadcast.

Creators can also add or remove participants and can block calls to avoid what is called ‘zoom zoom jokes’.

“Whether you’re hosting a book club with friends, interviewing expert panels, teaching gym classes, or broadcasting with your friends for fun, live broadcasting from one room makes it easier to have interactive broadcasts with audiences of various sizes.” .Facebook said

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