OPPO Enco W11 review: Great Sound with 20 hours battery life

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To strengthen its business foundation as a “Technology Company”, OPPO has released its newest IoT product, the OPPO Enco W11.

This device is the newest True Wireless Headphone on the Indonesian market. Enco W11 itself was released for the first time through a bundling program with Disney and Pixar through the Toy Story characters.

In the Indonesian market, Enco W11 is the third OPPO TWS product after previously present OPPO Enco Free and Enco W31. And Enco W11 is the first affordable TWS made by OPPO.

Apart from going through the special Disney edition, OPPO Enco W11 is also an attractive bonus for purchasing the latest edition of OPPO A92. Meanwhile, for direct sales, Enco W11 can be obtained with a price tag of $40.


For those who are curious about the performance of Enco W11, We will explore it in more depth.

In the sales package, the special edition OPPO Enco W11 Disney and Pixars Toy Story Edition consists of one Enco W11 unit along with a manual and warranty, a USB Type-C cable, additional earbuds tips and a Toy Story themed softcase.

Charging Case

Unlike the Enco Free which has a box charging case, the Enco W11 charging case has a third dimension of Enco Free and looks like a capsule. The body is clad in solid plastic, which gives a glossy appearance.

Uniquely, the opening and closing mechanism of this charging case is similar to a powder or ring box. Daan has flexible hinges. Interestingly, to open or close the Enco W11 charging case you can do it with just one hand.

The Enco W11 charging case itself has a magnet embedded on the inside of the body. Its function is to ensure that the case can be closed tightly and not easily opened.

In this charging case, OPPO implements a 400 mAh, 1.48Wh capacity battery that can be recharged via the USB Type-C port on the back of the body. Based on the specifications on the bottom of the case, the Enco W11 supports 5V / 1A power input with 5V / 0.2A output.

On the inside of the charging case, you will find a ‘hole’ to place the earbuds, which at the top has a special needle-shaped connector for recharging the earbuds battery.

Well, because it is a special Disney edition, the device that was tested for PULSE is also equipped with a unique softcase made of silicone rubber. On the front, it is quite clear that one of the Toy Story characters, Little Monster, is reflected in the three eyes and thick shades of green. This softace consists of two parts, top and bottom. To attach it to the Charging case Enco W11, use 3M special adhesive that is already available on the inside of the softcase.


The design concept for the Enco W11 earbuds applies an in-ear model, where the eartips slide into the ear hole. The design is different from Enco Free which uses an open-fit model. At the end, there is a soft silicone rubber to attach it to the ear wall.

The design of the upper earbuds has a rather wide construction, and is adapted to the shape of the ear. This means that even without a special hook, these earbuds will be firmly attached to the ear. They are also quite light, each earbud only weighs about 4.4 grams.

The in-ear concept and design of the earbuds driven by the Enco W11 have the advantage of isolating outside sounds. By using the right silicone earbuds, the sound from the area will be completely suppressed. In the box of purchase, two pairs of spare eartips, of different sizes are provided. The other is already attached to the earbuds.

Bluetooth 5.0

As a True Wireless Stereo, the Enco W11 earbuds are not connected by wire between the left or right. To connect the two earbuds, Enco W11 relies on a Bluetooth 5.0 connection which is also a medium of connection to the smartphone.

Unlike most cheap TWSs that receive signals from one earbud to the other, the Bluetooth technology in the Enco W11 is capable of receiving signals on both sides simultaneously. In addition, this technology also has low latency with a very stable connection. For its own range, Bluetooth on the Enco W11 supports up to 10 meters.

The pairing process with a smartphone can be done easily. Simply activate Bluetooth on your smartphone, then look for Enco W11 and tap to connect it. OPPO Enco W11 itself does not provide a special button for pairing. Unlike some similar TWS which include additional buttons.

Once connected, OPPO Enco W11 can be connected automatically every time the charging case is opened. So, there is no need to re-pair again every time it is used. This capability is of course very easy to operate.

Touch Control

Apart from having good connection capabilities, OPPO Enco W11 also includes touch-based control functions. This smart technology can be accessed by touching the earbuds body either left or right.

With one tap (tap), you can play or pause (pause) the music player. You can also select a song with a double tap. Double tap can also be used to answer or end phone calls.

Apart from that, you can also activate the voice assistant by tapping three times (triple tap). It’s just that, for this feature it also depends on voice assistant support on smartphones. And other requirements, at least the smartphone already uses ColorOS 6 and above.

Touch control can also be used to increase or decrease the volume. Touch and hold the right earbud for a while to increase the volume, and vice versa to decrease the volume.

Kualitas Suara Terbaik

Regarding sound quality, it looks like the Enco W11 doesn’t need to be doubted. The 8mm dynamic audio driver embedded in this device comes with a titanium-coated composite diaphragm, and has a sensitivity rating of 99 dB @ 1kHz. This audio chip is claimed to be able to improve Bass quality and strengthen the frequency range for super clear sound.

When tested listening to songs from the default OPPO A92 music player, the Bass sound that came out of the Enco W11 was quite kicking. The details of the musical instruments and vocals are still clear. Not only that, when playing games, the sound produced is quite good and without lag. For information, Enco W11 also supports the AAC audio format for maximum song quality.

What about the quality when used to communicate? Enco W11 is capable of presenting a very clear voice. Special microphone support (-38 dBV / Pa) on the Earbuds, is also capable of providing maximum two-way communication.

As previously mentioned, the in-ear design concept of the Enco W11 which is able to isolate surrounding noise is also inseparable from the support of the built-in noise cancellation feature which is of course very useful during telephone calls.

This technology is able to reduce unwanted noise from your surroundings. Even in busy places or when in heavy traffic, phone calls will still go well.

Water and Dust Resistant

To support all user activities, OPPO Enco W11 is equipped with IP55 certification. This IP rating proves that the Enco W11 is dust and water resistant. When used for sports that make the body sweat, TWS can still function properly. Likewise, when you are caught in the rain, the Enco W11 can still be used.

However, with IP55, the Enco W11 is not recommended for use in water (swimming).

Battery Lasts 20 Hours

This is one of the advantages of the OPPO Enco W11. As previously mentioned, the Enco W11 is supported by a 400 mAh battery embedded in the charging case and the earbuds also has a 40 mAh capacity battery.

For a single charge, you can enjoy music for 5 hours non-stop (without a case). If supported by a charging case, OPPO Enco W11 can last up to 20 hours.

With just 15 minutes of charging, you can get 1 hour of music playing time. Meanwhile, for normal charging, from zero percent to full it takes about 120 minutes.


As the latest TWS product that is priced quite affordable, OPPO Enco W11 seems quite worthy of being a travel companion and complement in enjoying entertainment. Even so, for those who want to switch from conventional headphones to True Wireless, you can consider this one device.

Its ability to produce sound that is quite kicking thanks to the best audio technology in its class, complete supporting features, and the battery performance which is noted to be quite durable, should be appreciated and admired. Armed with all of this, it seems that OPPO Enco W11 will be able to compete with TWS products that are starting to flood the Indonesian IoT market.

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