Nvidia GeForce RTX 3000 GPUs could run really hot, but EKWB is already making water blocks to cool them

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If you’ve been reading rumors about the high power draw of Nvidia’s upcoming Ampere graphics cards (which we still refer to as the RTX 3000 series until Nvidia tells us otherwise) with some trepidation, you might be relieved of that. know that EK Water Blocks has confirmed that it will create water blocks, to allow GPUs to connect to liquid cooling kits, “ready to launch or close to launch”.

This means that if you use liquid cooling on your PC and hope to get the new Nvidia RTX 3080, for example, you should be able to install it on your PC right away.
The news comes from EK Water Block’s Facebook page (as reported by Videocardz), which was responding to customer questions about how long they will have to wait for their water blocks to be available for the new Nvidia cards. The good news is that it shouldn’t take long.

The fact that the company has already been building water blocks for the upcoming GPUs means that Nvidia must be very close to announcing and launching them. The company has a big online event planned for September 1, and Nvidia is expected to announce its next-gen GPUs at that time.

Keeping cool

GPU water blocks allow PC builders to plug graphics cards into their liquid cooling setups, offering advanced cooling compared to the fans and heatsinks they are sold with.

Because you need to remove the attached cooling before adding the water block and then connecting it to your existing liquid cooling system, these are generally intended for enthusiasts. They’re also quite expensive – the EK-Vector GPU water block for current-gen RTX GPUs costs $ 134.99 (about £ 100 / AU $ 190).

However, with the news that Nvidia’s upcoming GPUs could require a great deal of power to run and therefore generate a lot of heat, it means that many people may be looking for more advanced ways to keep these new GPUs cool.

While we’re confident that Nvidia will ship its new GPUs with coolers that can prevent the cards from overheating (usually in the form of a couple of fans), for people looking to take advantage of every last drop of performance from these cards with a solution. of considerable cooling, it looks like EKWB will order it as soon as these GPUs are released.

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