NFC on the Vivo X50 Series is not only for filling balances

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NFC in VIVO X50 Series

Vivo officially launched the duo smartphone X50 series, namely X50 and X50 Pro. The two cellphones are Vivo’s latest heroes, which have advantages in the photography sector. Apart from relying on camera features, the Vivo X50 series also presents a number of features to support daily user activities, one of which is the NFC (near field communication) connectivity feature. Currently, the NFC function is increasingly needed by users, especially for those who frequently make non-cash transactions. NFC can be used to top up the balance of an electronic money card (e-money).

“NFC is a technology that is commonly found on smartphones today. However, there are still many users who have not utilized their full potential and only use them for electronic card refill purposes, “said Vivo Indonesia Product Manager Hadie Mandala in a written statement received by KompasTekno, Tuesday (8/9/2020). filling e-money balances, the NFC feature on the Vivo X50 series turns out to also have other functions. “In fact, NFC technology can be maximized to exchange data faster, even more complete features can be found in the NFC Multifunctions on the Vivo X50 series, “.

This feature, dubbed “NFC Multifunctions”, can now be used to read, manage, and store various cards, such as access cards, payment transactions and data transfers. It should be noted, the Vivo X50 series can perform these extra functions provided that the card encryption system allows the data stored on it to be read / downloaded.

“With the use of NFC Multifunction technology that can be optimized to store access cards and payment instruments in a more compact manner as long as card encryption allows,”.

Get security certification. For security, this multifunctional NFC feature has also been tested in such a way and has received security certification for storing and downloading data via TSM (Trusted Service Manager). The NFC function on the Vivo X50 Pro also doesn’t require a pairing process like other connectivity features, such as Bluetooth. NFC can be triggered automatically as long as other devices, such as an e-money card, are close to each other with the phone.

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