LINE meeting officially launched, you can video call up to 500 people

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Video conferencing has become a trend in a pandemic like the current one. Various communication technology companies compete to present video conferencing services, such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Zoom, and many more. LINE Corporation also joined the list, announcing the launch of LINE Meeting.

Line Meeting is a new group calling feature for the LINE app that allows users to join via a URL link, either via mobile phone or PC.

LINE Meeting allows users to conduct virtual meetings, for both business and personal purposes, without having to create a group first.

The limit of participants that can be accommodated through the LINE Meeting platform is up to 500 people. LINE Meeting is available for LINE on mobile devices version 10.13.0 and higher and LINE PC version 6.2.0 and higher.

To initiate a video conference call using LINE Meeting, users can create a URL link from a LINE chat room in two easy ways. Then the user can invite friends via URL by sending them through the chat room on LINE.

During online meetings, users can also easily send invitations to add participants even when a call is in progress.

LINE Meeting also includes the View Together feature, which allows users to share mobile screens and YouTube videos in group calls. Not only that, there are also background effects. The mobile version includes 106 effects and 41 filters, while the PC version comes with 12 filters without having to download a separate app.

Users can also use a wide selection of images with background effects or use their own images to change the appearance of the screen and add a more personal touch (available for mobile and PC versions).

To ensure security, LINE Meeting provides a complex meeting URL link with more than 32 characters. Also, users cannot join meetings in LINE Meeting without using the provided URL link.

Users can also remove unwanted users from the meeting with the “Kick” feature to make the meeting more secure.

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