Let’s Try hidden but useful features on iPhone

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iPhone maintains many hidden features. Although these features are quite useful and make it easy for users to operate this phone.

Close three applications at once

When looking at many apps in the Recent Apps list, it should be a hassle to close the bar one by one. But Apple allows you to do it quickly by closing three applications at once.

The way to place three fingers on three application screens. Then slide up simultaneously.

Block number

Do you have an annoying phone call? Block it It’s easy, in the recent calls list, click the i icon. Then scroll to the bottom until you find Block this call.

Shutter button

The iPhone has physical buttons for taking photos or recording videos. Where is it located?

You can press the volume button. Press once to take a photo or press and hold the button to record video.

Screenshot of a page

It is possible to capture an entire page of a site. You don’t need a special app, just use Safari.

When you screenshots, there will be a full screen or page option. If you press Full Page, it will be saved in PDF format. You can save it to Files or send it by email and instant message.
Remove app from app store

There are other ways that you can use to remove apps. Open the app store, then enter the Recent Update section.

Then swipe the app you want to remove on the left. The Delete option will appear.

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