Latest Review Lenovo Legion 5i, Cheap Gaming Laptop Come True Now !

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At the end of June Lenovo Legion released the latest gaming laptop series that came with 10th Generation Intel Core H-Series processors and AMD Ryzen 4000 H-Series Mobile. The graphics card relies on NVIDIA. They introduced three types of laptops with several variants of specifications.


Lenovo Legion 5i (82AU003FID) has a display with the impression of a low profile gaming alias is not so visible. This has become the hallmark of Lenovo gaming laptops that in our opinion have a simple display design typical of business office laptops.

This prominent part is not a new design, some gaming laptop brands also apply the design. In this section lies the I / O Port flanked by air ventilation holes at the left and right ends. The choice of I / O port position here has a plus.

You will not experience an uncomfortable position when using Lenovo Legion 5i when so many cables are connected to the I / O port compared to if the position is on the right and left side. Even so this laptop still provides a USB port on the right and left including audiojack.

The position of the I / O port on the back is not difficult to reach. You only need to slightly close the laptop screen and see the logo of the respective marker I / O port above. So no need to rotate the position of the laptop.

Now switch to the inside when the laptop screen is opened. Lenovo Legion 5i offers a 15.6-inch IPS FHD screen with a 144Hz refresh rate. At the top of the screen there is a webcam with a shutter that can be shifted to close it. This feature is a hallmark of professional laptops.

Lenovo’s business brought the impression of a professional laptop on the Lenovo Legion 5i can still be seen on the keyboard. You will not find backlit RGB but the standard version, then there are no shortcut buttons to the gaming features except the combination for the performance features.

Though Lenovo Legion includes a gaming dashboard feature via Lenovo Vantage. This is unfortunate because it should be maximized. Here Lenovo Legion 5i still includes the Numpad button area which is actually rarely provided on a gaming laptop.

So it is increasingly clear that Lenovo wants to target users who are gamers as well as workers or professionals or gamers who want to keep a low profile.


We mentioned that Lenovo Legion has a gaming dashboard feature called Lenovo Vantage. But actually this default software is present on all Lenovo laptops. Here features are provided for checking the firmware of features or components on a laptop including support center services.

Looking at the features in it, in our opinion, Lenovo Vantage has many shortcomings. First is the interface that looks neat but not practical. You have to scroll down to see all the features provided.

Lenovo Vantage does not provide an in-depth exploration of gaming capabilities on Lenovo Legion 5i. There is a feature of performance settings based on temperature (thermal) which feels normal except for the fan noise which is more noisy when the performance is driven.

Then among the features there are network boosts to spur internet connections when opening certain applications that are set via WiFi 6. The rest in our opinion is normal and does not impress a gaming laptop with performance and features that can be tuned.

Here we might find an interesting feature, namely rapid charge for fast charging the battery and holding the battery fully charged up to 80 percent when connected. So the battery will be healthier alias has a long life.


What is the performance of Lenovo Legion 5i (82AU003FID) when used? Once again keep in mind that this laptop comes in several variants of specifications at different prices. tested the 10th generation Intel Core i7-10750H processor with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650Ti graphics card.

We did the first test with some software to see the computing capabilities. Lenovo Legion 5i (82AU003FID) is able to present a satisfactory score.

This test is carried out in the Performance mode alias the highest performance settings provided by Lenovo Vantage and the battery is connected to a power source.

The same mode is still used in testing to play games. We play the game Assassin’s Creed Odyssey in Ultra High quality graphics. The performance results are not bad but not satisfactory because the average frame rate obtained is only 33fps.

We changed it to High quality, the average frame rate of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on the Lenovo Legion 5i only rose to 55fps, not touching 60fps. Next we tried playing the Gears 5 game in Ultra graphics quality and the average frame rate obtained was only 45fps.

In the lighter World War Z game with Ultra graphics quality, the average frame rate is 104fps. These results in our opinion are less satisfactory with the specifications carried, but this may be hampered by the graphics card used.

Subsequent tests we conducted a simulation to determine the durability of the batteries when used for work. We use PCMark 10 Battery Modern Office scenario. On the device, the performance is set to Quiet Mode, the battery is installed to the maximum saving mode with a screen brightness level of 20 percent and backlit is inactive.

Lenovo Legion 5i (82AU003FID) managed to pocket the durability of up to four hours 16 minutes according to PCMark 10 Battery. In our opinion the performance is satisfactory enough to be relied on working outdoors.

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