Instagram is testing a new look, there are TikTok-style shopping and video buttons

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Instagram is testing the new homepage look. This display will insert two Instagram features specifically (dedicated), namely Shopping to access the shopping feature, as well as Reels which is a TikTok-style short video feature. There are three designs that were tested. At first glance the three are similar, only different in the placement of the navigation menu buttons.

The first design moved the explore and notification buttons, which were originally on the bottom side of the screen, moved to the top, lined with the direct message (DM) button. The position of the two buttons is replaced by Reels and Shopping. The second design, the explore button is still on the bottom side, but the notification button and menu for uploading submissions are moved to the top. The upload button is in the upper left corner, while the notification is next to the DM.

Then the last design only moves the upload post button that is moved to the top, next to the DM. Instagram CEO, Adam Mosseri also announced this trial on his personal Instagram account.

These designs have reportedly appeared in India, Brazil, Germany and France, as KompasTekno summarized from Engadget, Thursday (10/9/2020). Some of these countries have received the Reels feature which has not been distributed to more countries. Indonesia itself has not received the Reels feature which is said to be similar to TikTok.

To some people, the layout may seem confusing because there are too many navigation buttons. In the past, a layout with lots of navigation buttons has also been present, but it seems less desirable. At that time, Instagram put an IGTV button next to the DM button. Now, the button does not appear when opening the homepage and is moved to the user profile section.

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