Indie Games – 12 Minutes “Key” Hollywood Top Actors

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How many of you remember the indie game “12 Minutes” that was announced last year? Of the many titles that struggled to attract attention at that time, he was indeed one of the most interesting. Borrowing the same concept as the film Groundhog Day, it contains a time-loop concept where you will play a man who seems to be struggling to save the woman he loves. Only with a teaser of so short duration, you can see so many different events that can happen to him. Now at Gamescom Opening Night Live 2020, 12 Minutes is coming up with something even more special.

The Annapurna Interactive flag that fronts 12 Minutes seems to show its sharpness. With a new trailer that is just as short, this indie game has managed to lock in at least three top Hollywood actors / actresses who are likely to lend their voices to the characters in this game. They are Daisy Ridley, James McAvoy, and the icon – Willem Dafoe. It is not clear what kind of role they carry or how this will maximize their respective acting skills.

12 Minutes itself has yet to set an exact release date, but it is now confirmed to be heading for Xbox Series X, after the announcement of the previous Xbox One and PC versions. How about you? Looking forward to this indie game?

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