How to use Google Meet on cellphones and laptops

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how to use google meet
how to use google meet

The Google Meet application is commonly used for communication, both meetings and distance learning in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s easy to use Google Meet. Like what?

Google Meet provides Hangouts facilities that make it easier for users to access live streaming of up to 10,000 people for one domain and 250 participants per class for large meetings.

Here’s how to download Google Meet on laptops and cellphones and use it:

First of all, download the Google Meet app on your Android or iPhone. Then, open the application and click ‘+’ to start the meeting and click the ‘keyoard’ icon to enter the meeting code.

Enter the desired meeting code, After that, specify the meeting title and click ‘Join Meeting’. In addition, starting a meeting can also be done via Gmail by clicking the access info the invitee has sent to the previous inbox.


How to use Google Meet on a laptop can be done by opening Google Meet. Then, click ‘Join or Start Meeting’. Give it the desired title and select ‘Continue’.

Then, click ‘Join Now’. After starting, add people by clicking the people and plus icon. In the invitation section, select your name, email address and click ‘Send Invitation’.

Good luck using Google Meet!

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