How To Improve your passcode security on Iphone

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strengthen password iphone

You can unlock your iPhone with your fingerprint or your face depending on the model you have, but your iPhone is only safe if no one can guess your password. If it’s 1234, you’re looking for trouble.

iOS now prompts users to create a six-digit passcode instead of the four-digit passcode (here’s how to convert a six-digit passcode to four-digit), but there is a more sophisticated way to do it. make your iOS device more secure: use an alphanumeric passcode.

This means that you can use letters and numbers in your password, giving you a nearly unlimited number of possible passwords, as opposed to the roughly 1,000,000 possible six-digit passcodes, which could be hacked with the right equipment.

It’s quite easy to change your access code to an alphanumeric one:

-Open the Settings app.
-Tap 'Touch ID and password' (or 'Face ID and password' on iPhones X series) and then Change password.
-When prompted to enter a new password, tap 'Password Options' and select 'Custom Alphanumeric Code'.
-Now enter your new password. Make sure it's one you can remember.

Here’s how to choose a good password.

There is also a new way to protect your iPhone in iOS 12. This security change means that no one will be able to connect a device to your iPhone in an attempt to hack it. It kicks in one hour after your iPhone is locked (unless you deselect the settings).

-You will find the settings in Settings> Touch ID and password.
-Scroll down to the Allow access when locked section and you will see USB Accessories.
-Make sure it is not selected if you do not want the devices to have access.

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