How to download Slideshare without logging in via Android and PC

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Slideshare is a downloadable PowerPoint Presentation Sharing (PPT) site. To make it easy for users, there is a way to download slideshare without logging in. Like what?

There are many documents that can be downloaded from the site. Because the site not only reaches one country but also the whole world.

Usually, the way to download Slideshare by logging in is done by logging into the site first at Then select the desired file and click ‘Save’, then the document is ready to download.

How to download Slideshare without logging in ?

To download PPT on Slideshare without logging in, users must use the download link for Slideshare documents. Then enter the link to a site or application that can help the download, such as Slideshare Download Generator and Simply Debrid.

For Slideshare Download Genarator, just open the site at Then enter the Slideshare link in the field provided and click ‘Download’ and the document is ready to be downloaded.

Meanwhile, the way to download Slideshare with the Simply Debrid site is done by opening the site at Then paste the Slideshare link you want to download into the provided column.

If the link has been pasted into the column, click ‘Generate links’ in the selection below. Finally, simply select ‘Download’ and the document will be available.

Good luck downloading Slideshare!

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