How to change or reset your YouTube password

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how to change youtube password

Google bought YouTube, the world’s most popular video sharing platform, in 2006. In 2009, all YouTube accounts were converted to Google accounts. So when you want to change your YouTube password, you need to change your Google account password as they are one and the same.

Although it is possible to change your YouTube password using the mobile apps for Android or iOS, in our example, we will show you how to change your Google password from the YouTube website. We will also show you how to recover your account if you don’t remember your password.

How to change your YouTube password

To change the password you use on YouTube, you must change the password for your Google account. You can start this process from the YouTube site by clicking on your user avatar image in the upper right.

You will be directed to the general Google account management page, which has a large number of settings and reports about your Google account. The option we are looking for is Security, on the left side of the page. Click here to take you to the Security page.

You will see the password in the middle of the page. It may not be immediately obvious, but you can click on this word to access the password change page.

After clicking Password, you will be prompted again for your current password. Enter your current Google password and click Next.

Finally, enter a new password for your Google account. You will need to confirm it again before clicking Change password. Your Google account password, and by extension your YouTube password, has now been changed.

How to reset your YouTube password

When you log in to YouTube, you will be directed to the Google login page. The first thing that is asked for is your email address. It is not until the second page of the login process that you will be asked for your password.

If you forgot your password, you can click on the link titled Forgot your password? You will be prompted for the last password that you remember using with your Google account. If you can’t remember any of your recent passwords, you can choose Try another way. Google will send a password reset code to your recovery email. Enter this six-digit code in the form to verify that you are the account owner. You will now be asked to change the password for your Google account.

Note that if you no longer have access to the email address that you used to sign up for YouTube, you can select Forgot your email? on the login page. As long as you have access to the recovery email or phone number stored in your Google account, a link or text message can be sent to you with details on how to change your email address.

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