Free Printable Rent Agreement Template

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Free Rent Agreement Template

Moving from home to study to have another job in another city are two reasons people generally choose to rent real estate, especially apartments or houses. The owner of the property provides a signed lease to document the transaction between the owner and the tenant of the renting property. The contract contains written terms of binding ownership. This contract, also known as a rental contract, can be valid for a certain period of time as long as the tenant still lives in the rental property. The owner can extend the contract if the tenant decides to sublet the property.

There are six types of rental agreement templates that are commonly used. Periodic Lease is a document that is usually used to renew the contract on a regular basis, be it monthly, quarterly, biennial, yearly and many more. Short-term and long-term rental contracts are then differentiated by the length of the rental period. Short-term rental contracts have a term of one month to 5 years, while long-term rental contracts are used to document rental properties with a term of more than 5 years. In addition, leases are used for several people who rent the property together. You sign rental contracts and share responsibility for managing the property.

What should be included in the rental agreement template must be carefully considered. The first thing information about landlords and tenants is complete names for first, second and last names. Make sure the name is spelled correctly, as misspellings can invalidate the document. Then detail the properties. This should be briefly described along with the type of property, its location and the specific part of the property being rented out. You can then enter a fee and payment that includes your monthly rent, payment method, late fee, security deposit, and incidentals deposit. If you’d like to use this type of template for your property management company, it’s free to download by clicking the download link at the bottom of this page.



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Free Printable Rent Agreement Template

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