For 5G, will Apple sacrifice the iPhone 12 battery?

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The high cost of production caused by the use of 5G components is said to have an impact on other components of the iPhone 12 (i.e. the battery).

According to analysts at Ming-chi Kuo, Apple will use some of the cheaper components of the iPhone 12 to reduce the high production costs caused by the use of 5G components.

Kuo believes that one of the biggest cost reductions will be battery technology. In other words, Apple will use fewer layers of batteries and place the battery components in a smaller area; According to Kuo, compared to the iPhone 11, this step will reduce the production cost of battery modules by 40-50%. %. Due to design changes, iPhone 12 batteries will once again be 30-40% cheaper.

If you recall, it was said some time ago that Apple no longer provides a charger adapter in the iPhone 12 sales package. This step may be consistent with reducing battery components, that is, reducing overall costs. of production.

The purpose of reducing battery production costs is to enable Apple to use the required 5G technology. For example, millimeter wave support costs between $ 125 and $ 135 per unit, while support cost for frequencies below 6 GHz is $ 75 to $ 85.

It is said that not only the iPhone, but Apple is also changing the design of the third generation AirPods to save costs on battery components. In other words, using the system-level packaging design used in AirPods Pro, the iPhone 12 is said to be launched at a press conference held on October 12. However, while Apple will release the entire iPhone 12 series on that date, the first batch of sales will take place at a different time.

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