Foldable Screen Phones Predicted to Be in demand

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folding phone shape

Folding screen phones will be the next smartphone evolution. In the future, this unique mobile phone design and technology will be mushrooming and being used by many people.

This prediction was conveyed by gadget observer Lucky Sebastian. According to him, soon many vendors, including Apple, will release smartphones with the same concept.

“After all this time we have been struggling with candy bar smartphones, the folding screen will be the answer in terms of new smartphone designs and functions.

He explained, this folding screen smartphone is one step closer to the dream of users, namely a device that can do all digital needs, without being divided between smartphones and laptops.

Then will cellphones with designs that are commonly known as now be really displaced by the presence of folding screen phones in the future?
“It still takes a long time for folding screens to reach economical prices in all segments such as candy bar smartphones. Nowadays, the foldable screen smartphone is the term ‘raise the bar’ to top the premium segment, which of course the more types the more popular it will be,” said Lucky. mention, regular cell phones will still exist for reasons of practicality and cost. Meanwhile, the folding screen cellphone, although it will become mainstream in the future, according to Lucky, will still take a long time.

New so that it can be more economical. Now AMOLED screens are starting to be used by mid-end smartphones whose prices are getting lower. One day, folding screens will also be like that, “he said.

According to Lucky, when many vendors have produced it, of course apart from the fact that economic laws apply, with a higher quantity, production will be cheaper, and the price will be more affordable.

“This (folding screen cellphone) will be a ‘replacement’ for candy bar smartphones, starting with flagship, then more and more so that it can enter the mid-end segment. But it takes time,” he concluded.

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