Facebook tested the TikTok-style video format in its leading Indian app

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Facebook is working hard to produce short videos. After Lasso (a TikTok clone tested in a designated marketplace) voiced his doubts about this idea, an Instagram-like reel feature was recently added. The company is exploring a new place for this TikTok-like experience: the big blue app. Program.

The company confirmed to TechCrunch that it is testing short videos on India’s Facebook app, India’s largest user market. In the current avatar, the “short video” has a dedicated section in the news feed. At the top is the “Create” button. Clicking this button will launch the Facebook camera and users can swipe up to browse the video.

“We are always testing new creative tools so we can understand the way people want to express themselves. Short videos are very popular and we are looking for new ways to give people this experience so they can connect on Facebook and create AND share.” A Facebook spokesperson told Houzein.Digital.

Matt Navarra, social media consultant, revealed for the first time the existence of this new test.

This test was conducted while Facebook was still honoring TikTok, which is an app owned by ByteDance, which was banned by India in late June. Facebook launched Reels in India last month and only released it to dozens of other markets a few weeks later. A person familiar with the matter said that since TikTok was banned, Facebook’s daily share of Indian services has increased by more than 25%.

Dozens of local startups, including Twitter-backed ShareChat and Times Internet’s streaming services Gaana and MX Player, have launched standalone apps or built-in features to replicate the TikTok social experience provided to users in recent weeks. The local app claims to have added tens of millions of new users during this period.

YouTube has also rolled out a similar feature for more users in India in recent weeks, which is still in beta.

As TikTok is looking for a way to re-enter the market, the urgency of Facebook is trying to attract users with short videos. According to TechCrunch earlier this week, ByteDance is working with Indian company Reliance Industries to sell shares in the local TikTok business.

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