EKSA E900 Pro Review: Quite Shocking Quality!

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You and us, and perhaps millions of other PC gamers around the world have never heard of the name EKSA before. The Chinese company itself claims to be an OEM headphone manufacturer for several well-known brands in the past, which are now beginning to want to offer their own product lines. As gamers who are not too familiar with it, the offer to try one of its products – the EKSA E900 Pro leaves a bit of skepticism and concern that this headset can carry out its tasks properly. Especially at a glance, it doesn’t look “special” like most gaming headsets. But the good news? The performance was amazing.

In terms of design, especially compared to most current gaming headsets that always look super fierce and masculine, with RGB cosmetics that light up, what the EKSA E900 Pro offers doesn’t look all that special. All you will find is a “standard” headset with a dominant black color and a small logo on both sides that is ready to light up if you connect it with a USB cable. A unique part that stretches may lie in the open-back design on offer, rather than closed, which by the way is more than found in a gaming headset. So like most open earphones, the volume level when enjoying this earphone is something you should always pay attention to.

With a relatively light weight and quite flexible support, the EKSA E900 Pro is ready to offer the comfort you need, regardless of the size of your head. But by looking closely left and right, you will find an additional special feature this headset offers. Instead of a single format, it supports jack and USB cables, which are also available in the sales package.

This means that the EKSA E900 Pro is super flexible for use on many gaming platforms: console, PC, and mobile devices. Of course, plugging it into a USB cable on a PC offers not only extra red LEDs on the sides, but also extra power for bass action that’s more “kick” than just using a simple jack cable. Cool again? It also comes with a removable nose-canceling microphone for easy mobility! With all these features, even the smallest volume control on the side, you can see the extra attention EKSA is showing in the design of this headset. That in addition to being comfortable, you also want to make sure you’re ready to facilitate gamers regardless of their platform and needs.

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