Duel Folding Screen Mobile

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Folding screen cellphones are starting to appear even though there are not many models. However, due to sophistication and offering new experiences using cellphones, consumers and the industry began to talk a lot. Which producer will be victorious?

So far it should be acknowledged that Samsung has the most consistently produced folding screen phones and it is only natural that they are dominant. Their first foldable screen phone that is widely marketed is the Galaxy Z Fold which was released in September 2019.

Then last February, they introduced the stylish Galaxy Z Flip, which looks like a powder box. The latest, the South Korean electronics giant released the Galaxy Z Fold 2, which presents a variety of improvements from the previous model. Its main competitor is Huawei, which also announced the Mate X last year. Exit. Then at the beginning of the year, Huawei released Mate Xs. It didn’t stop there, the leak of Mate X2 as the successor to Mate X would be introduced soon. But different from the first concept, this model will reportedly follow the foldable Galaxy Z Fold. Apart from Huawei and Samsung, another well-known cellphone vendor that has jumped into the foldable screen phone scene is Motorola with the new Razr model, where the handset can be. bends inward like the Samsung Z Flip. This September, there are even reports that a new version will come out.

In addition there is Microsoft which some time ago opened the veil of the Surface Duo. Surface Duo comes with two screens measuring 5.6 inch FHD + each. Mounted in the body a 360 degree hinge that allows users to use this device in various modes of use.

Other big names like LG to Xiaomi are also reportedly ready to release their respective heroes, but so far it hasn’t been done. Meanwhile, Apple has also been eagerly awaited when it comes to releasing a folding screen iPhone. Unfortunately, they have only recently been observed to have the patent.

In business, it is predicted that Samsung will still be in power. One of the factors, Huawei, which is a strong competitor, stumbled upon sanctions from the United States which made it difficult for them to move. Meanwhile, other vendors are not as aggressive as the two manufacturers.

“According to a new report from DSCC (Display Supply Chain Consultants), Samsung’s market share in the foldable screen segment could reach 80% in 2020. Huawei is Samsung’s closest competitor and the Mate X2 is predicted to be announced soon, but US restrictions make it difficult for them to get critical components. “call the Sam Mobile report.

But the name is also a projection, not necessarily a reality. It could be that suddenly there is a surprise from another vendor with an amazing and eye-catching folding screen phone model. We look forward to it!

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