Can tablets replace laptops for working from home?

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A laptop is a type of device that is a mainstay for working from home, in line with the Work from Home (WFH) policy implemented after the Covid-19 pandemic. However, laptops or desktops are not the only devices that can be trusted as work tools. Tablets can be used to support productivity from home. Compared to smartphones, tablet devices generally have wider displays, with diagonals in the 8-12 inch range, making it more convenient to use for various things.

Its size is roughly comparable to a small laptop. It’s just that the tablet screen is always a touchscreen, with a mobile operating system that’s optimized for touch input. Some manufacturers take further advantage of this touch screen by including a pen holder.

Samsung, for example, is a provider that often includes a pen called the S Pen on their tablets. This pen-shaped input device is also included in Samsung’s latest tablet, the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, which then landed on the KompasTekno editorial desk for testing.

The Galaxy Tab S6 S Pen can be used to write and draw on the screen, and is equipped with a shortcut button to call a number of additional functions, such as Smart Select to take photos in certain areas of the screen.

Plus, the S Pen can also help you do certain things more accurately than your fingertips. For example, when editing photos, videos and audio. Using a stylus for these tasks will make you feel easier and more agile. S Pen can also be used entirely to replace fingers in navigation.

Galaxy Tab S6 Lite users can use it to switch between applications and explore menus. When not in use, the S Pen can be attached to the side of the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite with a magnet. The Book Cover accessory for Galaxy Tab S6 Lite provides a special place to store the S Pen so that it does not fall.

Book Cover can help users place the tablet on the table to fit their point of view. The on-screen keyboard can be used to type on the screen. However, to really maximize tablet function when typing, it’s good to buy additional accessories in the form of a physical keyboard alias.

This accessory may come from third parties or tablet manufacturers. For Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, Samsung provides a Targus keyboard cover that is connected to the tablet via a Bluetooth connection. The keyboard battery is charged through the USB Type-C connector located near the power button.

The buttons are quite large, not unlike a small laptop, and feel responsive with a suitable travel distance so comfortable to use for typing. The keyboard cover makes typing activities more agile and faster. Also, the on-screen keyboard does not obstruct the screen so that users can more freely see the screen.

In addition to providing a series of typing buttons, this keyboard cover also supports the tablet on the table with two viewing angle options that can be selected by adjusting the buffer location. The tablets are installed in a special case that integrates with the cover.

Due to the shape of the cover, this keyboard cover can also act to protect the tablet when closed. The tablet screen will automatically turn off when the user closes the cover, and will turn on again when the cover is opened. Seperto Book Cover, in the center of the keyboard cover, there is a special place to store the S Pen with the help of magnets.

PC users often have to open multiple application windows simultaneously on the screen. Modern tablets can also do this to facilitate multitasking. Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is capable of running two applications side by side on the screen with split screen mode that can be called from the multitasking menu. The screen size of the displayed application can be changed.

Users can choose whether they want the app on the right side to be wider or vice versa. Another mode called Popup View is also available that will display floating application windows, similar to a PC. Multitasking with some of these applications can simplify a variety of things, from simply writing while watching a video to recording sound on a voice recorder while reading a script from a word processor.

The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is powered by an Exynos 9611 octa-core chip with 4GB of RAM which is enough to run multiple applications simultaneously in a multi-tasking scenario. The 10.4-inch widescreen (2,000 x 1,200 pixels, 5: 3 aspect ratio) is capable of displaying application windows, in both pop-up and split-screen modes, with a size large enough to be easy to see and read. What about the conference call? Like a laptop, a tablet can handle many of the activities performed during WFH.

The quality of the camera can sometimes be even better than that of a laptop, with clearer and brighter images. In addition to the front camera, the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite also provides an 8 MP (f / 1.9) rear camera that can take reasonable quality photos if needed.

One of the other strengths of tablets compared to laptops is the relatively long battery life. The 7,040 mAh battery in the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, for example, is claimed to last 13 hours for continuous video playback. Therefore, in addition to working from home, this tablet can also accompany users to perform activities all day while outside. Batteries can also be charged without the hassle of carrying a special charger like a laptop, enough with a power bank or cell phone charger. The 15-watt quick-charge cradle ensures that the battery charging process does not take too long so that the user can immediately return to their activities.

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