Apple removed tens of thousands of games from the App Store in China. What’s going on?

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Growing tensions between the United States and China led Apple to remove tens of thousands of games from its Chinese App Store. What is the relationship?

All 47,000 apps and games on the Chinese App Store were removed by Apple because the Chinese government was said to have started closing loopholes used by Apple in recent years.
The loophole in question is the App Store policy that allows apps to get permission to circulate on the App Store even though they are still waiting for permission from the Chinese government. So instead of the tens of thousands of these apps that will cause problems in the App Store, it appears that Apple has chosen to remove the app first.

The problem is that Apple is said to rely heavily on this loophole. This is because foreign app stores in China are often required to cooperate with local companies to cooperate.

However, Apple operates the App Store only and does not provide access to the source code of the App Store to the Chinese government. They had previously managed to persuade the Chinese government not to do this.

This is not the first time Apple has come under pressure to change its services in China. In April 2016, Apple was forced to shut down iBookstore and iTunes Movies in China, six months after they launched the service.

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