Apple Maps will remind users to isolate themselves

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The current period of the pandemic still applies to travel restrictions worldwide. However, there are some trips that can still be made, for example, to other countries for work or emergency reasons. Apple Maps will remind users to isolate themselves.

And the rules every time you return from a trip, of course, the person must be isolated for 14 days to determine the condition of their body, whether infected with Corona or not.

But sadly some people still don’t know this method well, now Apple also has a way to introduce a reminder function in their online map service in Apple Maps.

This feature became known after a health technology professional, Kyle Seth Gray, tweeted on Twitter that he received a notification from Apple Maps to isolate himself.

According to the notification, it appears that every time Apple Maps detects that a user is at the airport, it will send them a reminder that they should stay home and isolate themselves if they just traveled.

Of course, the possibility at the airport could be because there are other reasons besides traveling to the destination country. But this feature will still be useful. In addition to this reminder feature, Apple Map will also show users where the closest Corona virus test location is.

This is not Apple’s only attempt to help deal with a pandemic syndrome. The company has also worked with Google to track contacts to help healthcare workers around the world control people who may be infected or related to those who are already infected.

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