Apple Makes Event September 15, Launches iPhone 12?

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Apple Makes Event September 15, Launches iPhone 12?

Apple announced a special event titled “Apple Event 2020” which will take place on September 15, 2020. The event will broadcast from Apple Park online at 10 a.m. US time, or about 12 a.m. (September 16) WIB. The virtual event was chosen because of the Covid-19 pandemic which is still hitting it.

Apple Event 2020 can be watched on Apple’s official website, Apple TV app, and possibly YouTube. There has been no clue as to what devices Apple will announce or launch at the event. It is possible that Apple will introduce the iPhone 12 line at this event. However, according to a Bloomberg report, it is likely that Apple will only announce products related to the iPad and Apple Watch, and will not announce the iPhone 12 yet.

This is known from the invitation given specifically to the media with the title “Time Flies”. That means, most likely Apple will introduce the Apple Watch Series 6. One of the new features that the Apple Watch Series 6 is rumored to bring is the detection of oxygen levels in the blood (SpO2). The health monitoring capabilities of the smart watch are also said to be improved, such as an electrocardiogram (EKG).

This feature is already on the Apple Watch 4 and 5 with a heart rate that is limited to 100-120 per second. In a later EKG update, whether using software or hardware, this limitation will reportedly be removed. The design will not change much from the previous generation. It is likely that Apple will also announce a new iPad Air which is rumored to be the iPad Air 4.

The iPad Air will carry an edge-to-edge display design and feature Touch ID on the power button. In addition, the latest iPad Air reportedly will have a USB type C connector instead of Lightning, as KompasTekno summarized from 9to5 Mac, Wednesday (9/9/2020). The iPad Air 4 will be the middle option between the iPad and the iPad Pro, with an estimated price of 329 US dollars (around Rp. 4.8 million – the exchange rate at the time of writing). For the iPhone 12 itself, Apple reportedly will only announce it in October.

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