Apple GPUs for Macs could mean AMD gets dumped along with Intel

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Not only is Apple making custom ARM-based processors for its Macs, but the company also plans to produce its own GPUs, rather than using AMD’s discrete graphics on all accounts, at least according to the latest on the vine.

This comes from the prolific hardware leaker RetiredEngineer on Twitter, who highlighted an article from Commercial Times (a Chinese publication).

As you can see, the theory is that the 5nm GPU codenamed Lufika will debut on Apple’s iMac, with a timeframe of the second half of 2021.

As mentioned, if this rumor is true, it is obviously bad news for AMD, which currently offers discrete graphics solutions for the Mac, especially if Apple is planning a total shift towards its own custom GPUs, as is the case with the transition that it is. succeeding ARM. CPU. Of course, that’s a leap beyond this being just speculation at this point, so let’s not get carried away.

Smooth sailing?

Apple’s GPUs will reportedly be built using TSMC’s 5nm process, which is already being used for the company’s A14X processor. GPU development is apparently running smoothly so far, with the report suggesting that faster computing performance and better performance per watt will be delivered, presumably compared to existing graphics solutions Apple employs (but no comparisons were made no real details, so take it with an even bigger pinch of salt).

Lifuka is reportedly set to use tile-based lazy rendering (TBDR), which is a technology pulled from Imagination Technologies’ PowerVR GPUs that Apple has previously used.

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