Amazing iPhone 12 video leak shows 120Hz refresh rate and new camera settings features

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As Apple nears the expected launch of its flagship iPhone 12 lineup, the leaks and rumors have been flowing thick and fast. The latest comes from a video from Front Page Tech, which claims to have a pretty good idea of what the new phone will look like and perform.

The video claims to show hands-on time with a PVT (Product Validation Test) version of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. PVT is a particularly late step in the production process of a new phone, and the next important stage is actual mass production.

One of the trending topics in recent iPhone 12 leaks has been the inclusion of LiDAR (Light Sensing and Range), and this new video seems to further confirm that it will be included in at least some iPhone 12 models. You can check out our article that delves into the usefulness of LiDAR, but in short, it would allow for more AR (Augmented Reality) shenanigans as seen on the iPad Pro (2020).

There is also more information on the potential of a 120Hz refresh rate for the new iPhone 12 displays. Today’s video includes footage of a previously leaked setup screen with an option to “enable high refresh rate” as well as the ability to toggle the “adaptive refresh rate”, which “will alter the refresh rate from 120 Hz to 60 Hz according to the content displayed on the screen.”

The leaked video contains a large number of images of the iPhone 12 Pro Max screen, while the filter navigates through the settings and enables the improved refresh rate option. This footage also shows the notch on the drive, which appears the same size as its predecessor, the iPhone 11.

It is important to note that these settings are only confirmed as found on the PVT model of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, so it is not 100% guaranteed that the feature will ship on the final model or if it will be available on other models. .

Our best guess at this stage is that the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max will feature 120Hz displays, while the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max will have the normal 60Hz displays.

Some other notable settings include the option to record footage in both 4K / 120fps and “4K / 240fps Slow Mo,” allowing the ability to capture very high-resolution footage at a silky smooth frame rate.

Apparently Face ID is now more effective, it works to unlock your device more quickly and from a wider range of angles, the device’s bezels are noticeably thinner, and the edges of the device are flat, similar to the design of the iPhone 5.

Naturally these are far from officially released specs so it takes a grain of salt to take in, but since there are actual images of what is said to be a PVT model of the iPhone 12 Pro Max this provides some of the best confirmation so far that these features are real. We’ll find out, one way or another, on launch day.

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