All You Need to Know About PS5 In Particular ! (Secret Info)

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The PS5 was finally revealed, Sony confirmed the title of the next generation of games, and finally allowed us to fully understand the design of the game console.

PlayStation hopes to continue to focus on making highly successful AAA games, and has confirmed the successors to Marvel’s Spider-Man, Horizon, and Ratchet & Clank.

Of course, the next-gen console will also undergo some hardware upgrades, a more powerful GPU can enhance visual effects, and hardware accelerated ray tracing can make the light effect look more realistic.

Sony also emphasized the capabilities of its new solid-state drive, which not only reduces loading time, but also allows developers to create a denser world without worrying about the console crashing. This new SSD is so advanced that you currently can’t get a more powerful gaming PC.

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PS5 has a unique look, with futuristic curves, and the look is completely different from the subtle PS4.

The console will only have a digital version and will lack a disk drive, while the standard version with a 4K Blu-ray player may be more expensive.

The video also shows that the PS5 will have both USB-A and USB-C ports, which means it should support older peripherals and hope to use new technologies to look to the future.

Don’t like the white design? So, you’ll be glad to know that the special edition has been confirmed, and Matt MacLaurin, vice president of design for PlayStation UX, said: “The customization of the special edition will be more than ever.”

PS5 Specs – How powerful will the PlayStation 5 be?

Mark Cerny confirmed these specifications in the video presentation. The PS5 GPU has 10.28 TFLOP, 26 computing units and 2.23GHz variable frequency. At the same time, the CPU uses the Zen 2 architecture and has eight cores. PlayStation claims that the processor frequency is 3.5GHz.

The PS5 will also be equipped with a custom 825GB SSD, but since the console has an NVMe SSD slot, you can use the open-market M.2 SSD for storage upgrades. You can check the remaining specifications below.

Spec Comparison PS5 vs PS4

So what really causes these specs? Although we haven’t seen any actual video games on PS5, we’ve seen a demo of Unreal Engine 5 on the console to help demonstrate the capabilities of next-gen hardware.

One of the most obvious differences in visual effects is the new dynamic global lighting effect, which helps create more realistic shadows and highlights. The following video shows how beneficial these techniques are for overall visual quality.

The migration to Unreal Engine 5 is clearly transparent, allowing developers to easily provide these next-gen visual updates to games. Fortnite will be the first Unreal Engine 5 game to jump onto the next-gen console in 2021, with more games likely to follow.

The DualSense controller is definitely the leader in the kit, and the immediate response indicates that it may be the device’s Marmite. As for the minor tweaks of the new version of DualSense (RIP DualShock 5), there are many things worth discussing.

Take a closer look, the new facial buttons can get your attention. The look of the new design will drop the colors we are already very familiar with, and will achieve a smooth appearance and a transparent / translucent design for the entire button.

Other locations on the front of the device are the new “Create and Options” buttons. The option retains its name, but gets a new logo replacement text. Although it has been shared, it is represented by three fan-shaped lines. We still don’t know what the change from “sharing” to “create” means, but Sony said it will allow new methods of “creating epic gaming content to share with the world.”

In the black area on the front of the controller, we have a signature analog device and new buttons added for DualSense. The analog stick is actually very similar to the DualShock 4, but the mode appears to be slightly different. It is not yet known if this difference means that the club has a new texture.

The new buttons between the analog sticks are used to mute the microphone inside the controller. Sony says you can use DualSense’s array of microphones to chat with friends; however, he still recommends using headphones for long games.

PS5 VR – Will your headset and peripherals work at launch?

It has been confirmed that existing PlayStation VR headsets will be used with PS5 when it launches, meaning there are no plans to release a new version of the hardware with the Sony game console.

This solves some concerns and raises some interesting questions. For example, can the virtual reality experience developed specifically for PS5 be used in these headphones and can we preserve everything we need?

There are also peripheral devices like PlayStation Camera and Move controllers, which are essential for using PSVR, so they can be operated on the new system without any significant effort on the part of the player. If so, we will be very happy. Otherwise it is better for Sony to erase everything during the final display of the console.

PSVR has now sold an impressive 4 million headsets, cementing them into one of the most popular forms of virtual reality on the planet. It only requires a console and a series of games to access, which is an attractive proposition for ordinary gamers. Sony is aware of this and feels that it still has a long way to go.

“I think the hardware experience will improve the virtual reality experience. Even in companies that have long been dedicated to game development, virtual reality has a lot to learn. I realize that once I start using it. I have to learn a lot because I can’t use TV Games to do it, “said Yoshida Shuhei of Sony (via WCCFTech).

“But we must have many dangerous guidelines, but with the originality of the developers, we can see how to do this, and virtual reality makes us think about human capabilities, and this knowledge is growing after three years.” Hopefully, with the arrival of PS5 in 2020, things will continue to unfold.