15 apps to increase the productivity students need

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Although this sounds very challenging, most students are equipped with laptops, tablets, iPads, and mobile phones that allow them to increase their productivity well. Today, students who use devices also have technology-friendly classrooms that allow them to use technology, take notes digitally, replace heavy books with e-books, collect homework online, and even watch teacher lessons in their classrooms. comfortable. Most students have smartphones that can optimize their learning routines and provide the necessary materials through a series of simple applications.

1. Evernote

Evernote is a note-taking application that allows you to store all the information you need; You can take text notes, take photos, record audio, and even attach data. This application can be used on all kinds of gadgets (Android, PC, iOS, Mac, etc.) and even has a premium version for additional functions.

  • You can use Evernote to become a notebook that can be a place to take notes on important things. Even the laptops in Evernote are designed differently, where the laptop can be done in privacy so that others cannot get to know it.
  • Check list. If you are an organized person, you may need this Evernote to make sure that all your activities go well and according to plan. You can also check various activities that you do.
  • Voice note. In addition to storing information in the form of text, Evernote can also store information in the form of sound. This certainly becomes very useful, especially if you are among those who do not like to write.
  • Attached files. You can also save a number of attachments that you need to save to Evernote. You can save multiple files from the cloud to Google Drive in Evernote.
  • Add web clippings. Are you researching in a document and want to save the clipping? Don’t worry, using this Evernote you can also save your clipping web articles.
  • Create tables. In addition, Evernote also allows you to create a table that is necessary. In addition, you can also be creative to create a color table with the required size.
  • Share. The results of the information you have stored in Evernote can also be shared with various friends and family.
  • Reminder settings. Furthermore, Evernote can also function as a reminder. If there are a number of things to remember, just use Evernote.
  • Synchronization. What you have written in Evernote, you can also immediately sync to your calendar, laptop or smartphone.
  • Returns lost data. Maybe you accidentally lost some data. Well Evernote also has the ability to restore lost data. The way is to select the trash menu.

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2. Pocket

Pocket is the answer for every college student who is busy and has a dilemma like: Should I read this article now and delay, or will I forget this information? Pocket helps you save articles, videos, links and more that you want to see later on your gadget. This is also a good app for organizing reading that you want to read later for homework or classes.

  1. View items stored in Pocket
  2. View archived and favorite articles
  3. Read articles that look clean and easy to read.
  4. Save articles for offline viewing
  5. Set articles as files, favorites or delete them
  6. Order the item list from oldest to newest and vice versa.
  7. Add a new article to Pocket
  8. Share interesting articles by email, social media or text
  9. Text-to-speech: listen to articles read from your mobile device
  10. Various settings: font size, application bar size, set theme, choose the means to open YouTube links, etc.

3. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an app well known for its mathematical assessment and training services. Recently, the SAT has collaborated with Khan Academy to provide free SAT prep for students. This application helps you access a lot of content. This is a great learning app that can help you understand what’s going on in your math class, whether it’s an advanced topic or a simple topic.

The features available at the Khan Academy are:

  1. Video material for a variety of topics, ranging from math, science, art, computers, economics, to college entrance exams.
  2. For each topic, a preliminary test is first performed to see the student’s starting points.
  3. The test is done after finishing studying a topic so that students progress in understanding.
  4. At the end of the session, there is a test for the topic that has been studied.
  5. Search function to search for topics according to what we want to learn.
  6. Bookmark function to mark.
  7. Preparation for career choice.

The advantages of this Khan Academy app include:

  1. Contains a lot of material with a clear and structured topic classification
  2. There is a selection of subjects according to grade
  3. The material is presented in a simple and interesting way.
    4 4 The tests and exams are simultaneous so that the level of understanding of the students can be measured.
  4. Easy access, easy to use and cross-platform.
  5. Videos can be downloaded to open later.

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4. Dictionary.com

It is very important, especially college students, to have a dictionary. You can gain new vocabulary in class, in the library, or even when participating in a discussion during lunch. For students who want to improve their vocabulary, the Dictionary.com app is the right app that is also equipped with a thesaurus that can help you improve your vocabulary.

5. StayFocusd

Still similar to the previous app, StayFocusd is an extension for Google Chrome that can help you stay focused on your work by giving a certain duration for you to access a website. For example, if you put in a 30-minute ration to play Twitter, when the time is up, you will no longer be able to access Twitter because StayFocusd has automatically blocked it.

This application is very easy to configure, since it allows you to block certain sites, certain pages, even the content that is on certain pages, such as images, videos, games, etc., making it very specific. By installing the StayFocusd extension in Google Chrome, you are guaranteed to be more productive later.

6. BenchPrep

For students preparing for the standardized test, BenchPrep is a good application. This application offers preparation of material, including interactive questions, flashcards, exercises and specializations for S1 (AP, SAT) and S2 (GMAT, GRE, LSAT) and certificate programs (CFA, PMP) worldwide. This application is available for computers and mobile phones, and also balances the improvement of the students, allowing them to continue their learning from the last session.

7. StudyBlue

Making flashcards is a nightmare for all students. This is because it is monotonous, time consuming, and requires a lot of effort for something you only need once. StudyBlue allows you to form digital flash cards from text, images, and audio. To improve the flash card, this application tests your weaknesses by allowing you to filter the flash cards you know. This application also has a large database of flash cards created by other users for the additional improvements you need. (Productivity Tips: Enter your Evernote notes to make sure you’ve saved everything.)

8. EasyBib

Dating is very problematic even for students who have graduated. For those who don’t always know the difference between MLA and APA, or who are late to deliver their last assignment, EasyBib is the right help. You just need to scan the book’s barcode or enter the ISBN number or title to get an instant quote. This application also forms your bibliography and allows you to send emails to yourself.

9. Dropbox

For those who want to optimize data storage and backup with Dropbox, we strongly recommend that you do so as soon as possible! This is an application that stores all your data in the cloud, allowing you to easily access the data from anywhere (even if you need a browser on a computer). This app is also great for sharing notes and working on a project together.

10. Silence

Silence allows you to enter your schedule and set notifications for specific periods of time. This application will help you avoid all the times when your cell phone rings loudly in class or during an exam. All you need to do is set your class schedule, choose notification settings, and let the app manage everything.

11. Study Checker

Study Checker is an excellent app for students who feel they have lost control of managing their study time. Students who want to monitor the distractions they get should use Study Checker to observe their time management. This application helps you monitor how much time you spend studying, resting, procrastinating, etc. This app also provides planning for each study session, day, week, month and certain periods.

12. Any.Do

This is an application that all smartphone users need. The app is not just in the form of a list, Any.Do does everything from letting you form missed call alerts to notification settings to remind you to plan your day every morning. You can share tasks with contacts, add sub-notes, and even combine them with your computer and other devices to receive repeated warnings.

13. QuickVoice Recorder

For students who prefer to focus on the class and take notes later, the voice recording app is the best solution. QuickVoice Recorder allows you to send the recorded voice message to your email and even set a warning to listen to the recorded voice at the selected time and date. This application will continue in the background of your cell phone, allowing you to perform several activities at the same time.

14. Smart Voice Recorder

SmartVoice Recorder is another option for students who prefer to record in class. This Android application allows you to record audio for up to 75 hours. This app also automatically detects and stops recording if there is a pause while teaching, thus helping you save memory space on your mobile. After recording, you can share the data by email, whatsapp or even dropbox. SmartVoice Recorder also records in the background of your cell phone, so you can digitally take notes, open Facebook and Google on your device.

15. Duolingo

Duolingo is not only a good application for learning foreign languages, but it is also an application that has the option of learning English with a foreign language. (Example: French-English). This is a great app for students who need additional training for language classes or want to admire someone. By turning learning into a fun game (with life and challenges), Duolingo makes you start a new language with ease and fun. This free app teaches 6 languages at the university level (according to them, 34 hours of using this app is the same as 11 weeks of language learning on campus).

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