10 Best Bluetooth Speaker Recommendations with Affordable Prices (Latest in 2020)

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Bluetooth speakers provide comfort because they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Well-known manufacturers, such as Sony, JBL, Anker, Denon, and Samsung have made Bluetooth speakers at quite affordable prices.

If you are confused when choosing an economical Bluetooth speaker, you can read the following article as a guide. In addition, we will also provide ten best Bluetooth speaker recommendations at affordable prices in various marketplaces. Enjoy listening!

How to choose Bluetooth speakers at affordable prices

There are a number of important things to consider when choosing a Bluetooth speaker ranging from sound quality to intended use. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to this important point.

Select Bluetooth speaker based on sound quality

You can check Bluetooth speakers based on sound quality if you want a good product. There are things to check when choosing a good Bluetooth speaker such as a compatible codec. Next, check Bluetooth speakers based on passive radiator features and wattage. Thus, the best products you can find easily.

Choose which is compatible with AAC or higher codec

Codec is a compression mechanism and changing the sound source that you need to pay attention to. This is important because the sound source is sent via Bluetooth radio waves from a smartphone or other device. Basically, the sound quality produced will be better according to the order of the SBC, AAC, apt-X, and LDAC codecs. Choose Bluetooth speakers that are compatible with the AAC codec or higher if you are concerned with sound quality.

You also need to pay attention that the sound wave sender and receiver must be compatible or have the same type of codec. Therefore, you need to check the codec type of Bluetooth speaker that is suitable for your device. After that, choose the appropriate product.

If Bluetooth speaker compatibility is not mentioned, the product might only be compatible with the SBC codec. Additionally, the SBC codec has poor sound quality and incompatible sounds. In addition, Bluetooth speakers with SBC codecs generally do not support the use of other codecs.
LDAC codecs are generally only found on Sony products and may still be enjoyed through earphones other than Sony. However, the LDAC codec can only be used only for Sony Bluetooth speakers. Therefore, you need to be careful when choosing products.

If you want bass sound, choose one that is equipped with a passive radiator

Passive radiators are functions that are useful for capturing air vibrations and increasing the bass sound range. If you want a Bluetooth speaker that resonates with bass sound, choose a product with a passive radiator function. In addition, bass speakers with chitin material will provide a stronger sound.

A statement that reveals that passive radiators determine 80% of the sound quality of Bluetooth speakers is not excessive. For example, a product with an SBC codec that uses two passive radiators and an independent woofer will make a difference. In this case, you can feel the separation of bass and treble sound clearly.

When used outdoors, choose with a power of 20 watts or more

You can judge the sound size or bass sound profile by checking the wattage that represents the speaker output. The increase in wattage values ​​results in more space being filled with sound so that the bass sound is heard better.
If you use a product with 1 watt or less, you will have difficulty listening to the bass sound. Therefore, you can use products with 5 watts to 15 watts. Products with this power can also be used as the main sound source in confined spaces up to a distance of 10 meters. However, the selection of Bluetooth speakers will be different if you plan to listen to live house or outdoor music. For this kind of use, choose Bluetooth speakers with more than 20 watts of power.

The treble sound is the range of sound that humans can hear so it is not influenced by the type of speaker you are using. However, the bass sound has a different profile so you need about twice the treble sound waves.

To prevent sound from breaking, select a stereo profile that can produce three-dimensional sound

In general, speakers are divided into two types, namely stereo which uses two speakers and monaural with one speaker. Stereo speakers have better sound quality than monaural speakers. In addition, you can also feel the sensation of three-dimensional sound by using stereo speakers. Stereo speakers are generally more expensive than monaural speakers, but you can choose them if they are concerned with sound quality.
Stereo speakers are difficult to distort even though the volume is large enough so that the sound is difficult to split. Some products with monaural speakers can be made into stereo if you use two monaural speakers. However, you will feel comfortable if you buy a product with a default stereo standard.

For outdoor use, choose IP55 or more that is waterproof and dustproof

The resistance of a device to dust and water is expressed in IP notation followed by two digit numbers. The first digit in the IP notation states the level of resistance of the device to dust. Meanwhile, the second digit in the IP notation states the device’s resistance to water. For example, devices with resistance to water alone are stated by IPX5. However, if the device has resistance to dust and water, the notation changes according to the level of durability like IP56.

You need to buy a waterproof product if you plan to use Bluetooth speakers outdoors. Choose products with IPX4 if the product is expected to be wetted during use. Next, you can choose IPX5 products if the product will be exposed to light rain without being exposed to running water. Please choose a product with capabilities that suit your use.
If you use Bluetooth speakers in a sandy beach area, you need to check the product’s resistance to dust. You can choose Bluetooth speakers with IP5X for this kind of use.

You must be careful when using IPX4 products. In this case, IPX4 does not have resistance to water in a form resembling milk material. As such, IPX4 products can be exposed to running water without your prior expectations. As a result, products with IPX4 that are used outdoors cannot be operated because it is damaged.
You need to pay attention to this even though IPX4 is a common industry standard. Therefore, use the product with IPX5 or more if you use Bluetooth speakers outdoors.

For portable use, choose with a battery that lasts seven to eight hours

If you use Bluetooth speakers when traveling, choose a product with a battery life of between seven to eight hours. On the other hand, some Bluetooth speaker products can have a battery life of up to ten hours. However, there are not many signal-sending devices such as smartphones today that have a battery life of up to ten hours.

If you want to use Bluetooth speakers for a long time without power supply, use a mobile battery. This is necessary so that you do not need to use the battery from the Bluetooth speaker continuously.
A durable battery cannot be maintained only by keeping the volume low. You also cannot keep the battery durable by setting your device as close to the Bluetooth speaker as possible. However, you can keep the battery durable by playing songs through a low bass profile. You can try playing J-POP songs and house music if you are not sure about the rest of your speaker battery.

Choose who has the latest Bluetooth version and is compatible with the signal sending terminal

Bluetooth has various versions which are getting bigger and the numbers are getting up to date as well as high performance versions. Choose the product with the highest Bluetooth version if you want to use Bluetooth speakers comfortably.

Bluetooth with the latest version has compatibility with previous versions so that it can be used without problems. So, you can still use Bluetooth if the signal sending and receiving devices have different versions. However, devices with lower versions cannot produce maximum performance. Therefore, you need to pay attention to this before choosing an economical Bluetooth speaker.

Some products use Bluetooth version 4.0 or higher, except products that prioritize sound quality. Products with Bluetooth version 4.0 are very power efficient. In this context, Bluetooth 4.0 has twice the battery life compared to Bluetooth version 3.0.

Bluetooth version 4.1 and above have an automatic reconnection function. This way, you do not need to reconnect manually when communication interruptions occur.

Choose features that provide comfort

Some products have features such as NFC that provide comfort because they allow the pairing process to work easily. On the other hand, Bluetooth speakers that are shock resistant are not easily damaged if dropped from a place with a certain height. In addition, some manufacturers make products with sound quality control functions to produce optimal sound. Actually, not all of these features are needed by you. However, you can choose products with certain features to suit your taste and usage.

Some products have functions that provide information about the remaining battery by voice so as to provide convenience. You can use this kind of product when traveling so as to prevent the battery from running out when the speaker is going to be used.
We recommend anti-shock products if you have small family members. If the Bluetooth speaker falls and breaks by your child, you can replace the product if it still has a warranty.

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